Remote Support Sessions

Remote Support Sessions

Our sales or service people may be looking to perform a remote session with your office. We use remote sessions as a method for working with you directly on your computer system to resolve issues, train staff members or demonstrate products. Here is a quick guide on how to initiate the remote session.


If your Technician is asking you to go to

  1. Click This Link to Go to 

    Logmein123-Step 1

  2. Enter The 6 Digit Code Provided By Our Support or Sales Professional and Click Start Download

    Logmein123-Step 2

  3. Click on the Downloaded File and Choose Run

    Logmein123-Step 4

  4. An Open File Security Warning May Occur, Please Click Run
  5. A Detailed Message Will Pop Up, Please Click OK
  6. Your Session has Now Started, Please don’t close the chat window until you desire to END the remote support session