HIPAA Ready Complete Backup Solution for Dental Practices



Product Description

HIPAA Ready Complete Backup Solution for Dental Practices

Backing up your practice’s daily data is crucial to preventing any major disaster from crippling your practice completely. An office that lacks a proper back up solution in their practice is playing a dangerous gambling game with their finances every day they’re doors are open. At Sodium Systems we know how important your data is. We implement a backup solution that consists of 5 external hard drives and a system for taking them off site nightly. Don’t trust servers in the cloud that you will never see with your data, instead you should trust what you can put in your briefcase and take home. Having redundancy like this allows you to rest easy at night knowing that no matter what happens, you’re practice is protected!

There are some key items that are very important to your dental office backup.

1. Your backup needs to be encrypted and password protected so your data is secure from theft.

2. Your backup needs to be fast accessible from a local backup hard drive.

3. Your backup needs to be secure in an off site location but still encrypted.

Our backup solution takes care of all of these items. We know where your important practice management information is, we know where your important image management information is and we will make sure it is all a part of your backup solution. Trust our professional staff with years of experience.


This complete backup solution includes:

  • Backup Software for backing up whole system to an encrypted and Password Protected Backup File
  • 5 – 1TB External Hard Drive’s for Daily and Bi-Monthly Redundant Backups
  • Take 1 Hard Drive Home each Night to have your secure data off site from your practice
  • Sodium Systems HIPAA ready backup configuration – Your data is safe, secure, encrypted and you will receive nightly emails confirming your backup success
  • Full Remote Software configuration and installation for your backup
  • Expert Backup Installation and Configuration
  • E-Mail Notification of nightly backup success

Optional Add On Off Site Secure Cloud Storage Available with Business Associates Agreement.

Choose the operating system of the server we will be backing up


Additional Information

Server Operating System

Windows 7 or 8, Windows Server 2003,2008,2012 or Newer


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