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Quickray Sensor Front ViewQuickray Digital X-ray SensorsQuickRay BiteWing ExamQuickRay BiteWing ExamQuickray Size 1 and Size 2

Quickray Digital X-Ray Sensor


Quickray Digital X-Ray Sensors
Direct To USB Digital X-Ray sensors with high image resolution and contrast

Quickray Transparent Top Mirror

Quickray Transparent Top Mirror


Product Description

The Quickray Digital X-Ray Sensor

The Quickray Digital X-Ray sensor is a high quality and high diagnostic image sensor. The CMOS technology with a Fiber Optic Plate (FOP) for Highest Signal to Noise Ratio gives you sharp and high contrast images for easier diagnoses. The sensor has• 4096 gray scale levels (12 bit image) and• Direct USB 2.0 connection for very easy computer connection.The 3 meter cable attached to the sensor is engineered for high durability, high flexibility and the ability to get the sensor into your patients mouth.

Technical Specifications:
• Theoretical resolution 26.3 lp/mm
• Real resolution >20 lp/mm or 0.05 mm
• Scintillator: CSI deposited on fiberless substrate
• Read out time: 2 sec.

Active Image Sensor Area:
Size 2 Sensor: 900 mm² 36.00 mm x 25.99 mm
Size 2 Sensor Resolution: 1368(H)x1896(V) pixel size 19µm

Size 1 Sensor: 600 mm² 19.92 mm x 30.02 mm
Size 1 Sensor Resolution: 1050(H)x1580(V) pixel size 19

Warranty Info:
• 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Included With Purchase:

  • 1 Sensor
  • 2 Years Manufacturers Warranty
  • 500 Sensor Barrier Shields
  • Sensor Drivers Disc
  • Sensor Calibration File

Not Included With Purchase But Recommended With Purchase:

Care Plans for Accidental Damage coverage

Platinum Plan

  • Telephone Tech Support
  • Real Time Remote Support
  • Driver Updates
  • Accidental Damage No-charge Repair
  • Accidental Damage No-charge Replacement
  • $1,500 annual or $125 monthly
  • Per sensor and per year plan

Gold Plan

  • Telephone Tech Support
  • Real Time Remote Support
  • Driver Updates
  • Accidental Damage No- Charge Repair
  • Accidental Damage Discounted Replacement
  • $996 annual or $83 monthly
  • Per sensor and per year plan

Major Benefits of Purchasing Quickray from Sodium Dental

  • Professional Training, Installation and Support
  • High Definition, High Resolution, High Contrast and 26 Lp/mm
  • Cropped corners for increased patient comfort
  • Software Flexibility, sensor integrates into; Dexis 10 and above, Eaglesoft Imaging, Xray Vision, Prof Suni, and many more
  • Platinum and Gold Sensor Care Plans Available to Insure the Ongoing Availability of your sensor purchase
  • Direct USB computer integration-Works in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 both 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Comes in Size 1 and Size 2


Additional Information

Sensor Size

Sensor Size 1, Sensor Size 2


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