Grade A Refurbished Dexis Platinum SN:0130131622


Refurbished Dexis Platinum for sale. Thoroughly tested with 36 X-rays for excellent functionality.


Product Description

Grade A Refurbished Dexis Platinum SN:0130131622

Grade A sensors have great refurbishment, but they may contain artifacts or noise in the image.

Please View The Xrays Attached to This Sensor Before Purchasing, Refurbished Sensors May Have Imperfections In The Image Such As A Line Or A Ghost That Will Be Visible in All Xrays, Please Make Sure the Image Quality Meets Your Standards.


Sodium Dental Refurbished Dexis Platinum Sensors are refurbished in the following manner

-Sensor cable is replaced with brand new custom sensor cable. Cable uses slightly thicker gauge wire to ensure greater strength while still being small enough to achieve superior flexibility

-Housing is resealed and fully potted to ensure no moisture contact with sensor and to inhibit future moisture

-Sensor is tested by taking 36 X-rays on Phantom to ensure sensor functionality

-USB connector has been replaced with new

-Used Sensors come with a 90 Day Warranty or an optional 1 Year Warranty

Used sensors may have artifacts in the image, please review the images provided that are example images taken from the sensor prior to its sale. Tube heads or choice of exposure will affect the contrast, brightness, and clarity of the image. Sodium Dental is not responsible for this.  Sodium Dental is not responsible for this. Any return of product will be subject to a 15% restocking fee and no refund of shipping.

Additional Information


90 Day Warranty, 1 Year Warranty


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