RVG 6100 Sensor Repair With a Twisted Sensor Cable

RVG 6100 Sensor Repair With a Twisted Sensor Cable RVG 6100 Sensor Repaired - Fill Out the Submission Form With No Costs To You We recently received a Kodak rvg 6100 sensor repair with a twisted cable. The sensor was connecting to the computer fine, but it wasn't detecting radiation. One look at … [Read more...]

How to Properly Remove a Sensor Barrier Shield

Sensor Barrier Shield A sensor barrier shield is a necessary item to use when taking digital dental x-rays. The sensor barrier shield prevents the sensor from coming into direct contact with the patients' mouths, thus preventing water damage to the sensor as well as helping to prevent the spread of … [Read more...]

How to Check Your Xray Sensor Driver

How To Check Your Xray Sensor Driver An important step in troubleshooting your digital x-ray sensor is to confirm that your xray sensor driver is the latest version. There is a helpful article on about.com that gives step-by-step instructions for checking the driver version of your … [Read more...]

How to Care for Your Newly Repaired X-ray Sensor

Caring For Your Newly Repaired X-ray Sensor You just received your repaired x-ray sensor in the mail? Terrific! I'll bet you're wondering how to get the most of the newly repaired x-ray sensor and how to avoid breaking it again. Here is a short list of some "do's and don't's" when it comes to … [Read more...]

Don’t Try This at Home: Dental Xray Sensors Repair

Dental Xray Sensors Repair: Don't Try This At Home Here at Sodium Dental, we repair a lot of dental xray sensors. Typically, the repair on dental xray sensors is pretty standard; the x-ray sensor stops working for some reason or another, the Dr. sends us the x-ray sensor, we fix the sensor. … [Read more...]