HIPAA Backup Compliance & Your External Backup Drive

HIPAA Backup Compliance & Your External Backup Drive HIPAA backup compliance, like ISO and almost all other forms of rather complicated, confusing and just plain obtuse regulation has been stirring up a lot of my customers. No one seems to know exactly what is required of them for HIPAA … [Read more...]

Troubleshooting Broken, Poorly Working Digital Xray Sensor

Troubleshooting Digital Xray Sensor issues Digital xray sensors are something we sell, repair, and do training for on a regular basis. A digital xray sensor is also sometimes referred to as a Digital Radiography Sensor or a digital dental sensor. Get Your Sensor Fixed Today - We Always Provide … [Read more...]

Dexis Sensor Repair

  Dexis sensor repair is what Sodium Dental is known for, we do our best to help customers with their broken Dexis sensors. We perform Dexis Sensor repair in house and we are not affiliated with Dexis or there parent company in any way. If you have a Dexis sensor you would like repaired then … [Read more...]

Your USB Hub could be why your sensor isn’t working

So we are in the sensor repair business as well as being in new technology sales, service, training and installation. On the sensor repair side we run into a pretty common issue... We get sensors in for our repair service and have to call the doctor and tell them there is nothing wrong with … [Read more...]

Broken Xray Sensors – Why They Break

  Broken Xray Sensors - Why They Break This post about broken xray sensors is a response to a Dr's question about why sensors break, whether or not new sensor cables on Schicks will be more durable and whether or not sensors in general are affordable. To understand broken xray sensors … [Read more...]

A Guide To the Dos and Don’ts of Going Digital In Your Practice

A Simple Guide For the Dos and Don't of going digital in your dental practice Step 1 Getting quotes from the Big 3 isn't like getting 3 separate quotes, they all tend to only sell the high priced options of things so when they offer quotes to you it appears like all options are roughly the same … [Read more...]

MyRay Zen Digital X-Ray Sensor Images and Review

I just wanted to put some example images out of the MyRay Zen Sensor up. The Zen sensors have cut corners, a two fold filtering system to give crisp high detailed image boasting 25 lp/mm. The sensors also have an inexpensive option to extend their 2 year warranty to 5 years for under 900$ a sensor … [Read more...]

Fixing Your Dentrix Workstation Refresh Problems

This Fix applies to Dentrix G2 and above This fix should alleviate issues with the appointment book not refreshing at workstations and issues with errors showing up on screens that say your file is locked open at a different location. Shut down all workstations except for your server. Shut down … [Read more...]

BOP Plaza Palooza Kick Off

Plaza Palooza started off with a big bang on October 2nd, 2011 This event is a great way to get kids and families out to play lots of family friendly games and events. The event is held every Sunday in front of the York Revolutions stadium from 11am to 3pm. Admission is 4$ and season or family … [Read more...]

Film Consumables Costing As Much As A Paperless Dental Office

A Paperless Dental Office Can Be Less Expensive Than You Think Film X Rays are only slightly cheaper then your whole paperless dental office. I think the assumption that digital is more expensive than paper is inaccurate. I think a paperless dental office is the goal for any modern … [Read more...]

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