Digital X-ray Sensors

E2V Example Image

E2V Example Image

Quality x-rays are crucial for any dental practice and utilizing digital x-ray sensors in your practice provides instant quality x-rays at the touch of a button.

Sodium Dental carries digital x-ray sensors that we feel are the best choice for your practice based on 4 important criteria:

  1. Image Quality
  2. Cost
  3. Warranty
  4. Integration

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Quickray Digital X-ray Sensors

E2V Technologies

MyRay Zen X Digital X-ray Sensors

MyRay Zen X

Eva Select Digital X-ray Sensors

Eva Select






Image Quality

One of the most important factors in choosing the right digital x-ray sensors for your practice.  Having a quality diagnostic image is crucial to providing superior dental care to your patients.  All of the x-ray sensors that Sodium Dental recommends have industry leading image quality above 20 lp/mm providing you with the best images for your money!


Cost is an important factor whether you’re purchasing one digital x-ray sensor for a single practice or ten or more digital x-ray sensors for a large practice or multi-practice company.  We’ve used our expertise to put together a short and comprehensive list of the highest quality sensors that will keep you within your budget.


Staying within your budget while not compromising length of warranty is key to your digital x-ray sensors (and your wallet’s) lifespan.  All of the sensors that we offer come with the best warrantys available on the market today.


Does your current digital x-ray sensor manufacturer have you locked into their imaging software and hardware?  All of our recommended digital x-ray sensors have been tested and successfully used in a majority of branded dental image management softwares on the market.  With every digital x-ray sensor sale we happily provide remote installation and configuration for any imaging software.