Dental X-ray Sensor Repair

Your digital x-ray sensor might be having issues but the tech team here at Sodium Dental can diagnose and refurbish your broken x-ray sensor.  At a fraction of the cost of new digital x-ray equipment Sodium Dental can refurbish your sensor.  Our refurbishment service prices are sometimes even lower than your original manufacturer’s annual warranty fee!

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Technical Support Technicians

Sometimes your computers start to run slowly.  Sometimes your digital x-ray sensors, intra oral cameras, digital panos, and software stop working correctly.  Or sometimes you just have a question on how to use a piece of technology or software.  We’re here to help you.  Our technicians are well versed in every piece of digital diagnostic equipment and practice management / imaging software.  Let us help you today. 1-800-821-8962 or

Technical Support Help

How-To Guides

You have technology throughout your practice.  Without it, you’re stuck. Sodium Dental’s technicians are on standby to assist you immediately.  These how-to guides can provide you with some basic (and free) support if you choose to venture down the technical support path on your own.  Don’t forget, we’re always here to assist if you find yourself needing help!

How-To Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

You want your digital x-ray sensor repaired quickly, that’s our goal too.  Our FAQ page will answer most of your general questions so that you are aware of our x-ray sensor repair process before you send your sensor to us.

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