Revolutionizing The Dental X-ray Sensor Market

Revolutionizing The Dental X-ray Sensor Market

Revolutionizing The Dental X-ray Sensor Market

5 years ago, if you were to ask a dentist or an  x-ray sensor sales rep what to do with a broken dental x-ray sensor they would tell you:

A.      Throw it away and buy a new dental x-ray sensor.


B.      Trade it in for a small credit (most times as low as $150) and buy a new dental x-ray sensor.

Dental x-ray sensor repair is fairly new to the dental industry.  Sodium Dental introduced x-ray sensor repair to the dental market in 2011. Since then, the company has been helping dentists across the world with affordable solutions for broken x-ray sensors.  Prior to Sodium Dental’s introduction in 2011, the only solution for dentists was to throw away their broken sensor and spend $8,000 – $10,000 on a new sensor.

While there were occasional pre-owned sensors listed on eBay, dentists would be taking a huge risk on a used x-ray sensor that may only last a few days, with no guarantee of quality or proof that the product was maintained properly.  Sodium Dental is able to provide peace of mind that a used or refurbished x-ray sensor can be repaired or replaced at a reasonable price point.

The arrival of Sodium Dental’s repair service introduced an entirely new option for dentists struggling with a broken dental x-ray sensor. Prior to Sodium Dental’s innovative program, a broken sensor that once cost a dentist more than $8,000, would have become an $8,000 paperweight. But, through our new developments in the industry, Sodium Dental has made it our business to save our clients thousands of dollars by giving new life to damaged dental x-ray sensors.

In only 5 short years, Sodium Dental’s revolutionary dental x-ray sensor repair service has caused the used dental market to explode with options for dentists including:

  • More quality refurbished dental x-ray sensor options available.  Sold at affordable prices.
  • Higher competitive trade in credits from sensor manufacturers. Some customers have received up to $1,000 in trade in credit on a new sensor!!
  • An affordable and quality option to having their dental x-ray sensor repair done right, at a low price, and warrantied for up to a year.
  • Rental and lease options for cost-effective alternatives for outfitting your practice with dental x-ray sensors.
  • Broken and “parts” category on eBay and other listing websites where dentists can now ask a premium for their broken dental x-ray sensors in hopes that other dentists will purchase for repair.
  • Lower pricing on NEW dental x-ray sensors as manufacturers try to compete with the fact that there are more used and refurbished dental x-ray sensors lasting much longer than the original manufacturer anticipated.

Sodium Dental’s dental x-ray sensor repair has provided a whole new spectrum in the realm of digital x-ray sensors.  Dental x-ray manufacturers are now trying to compete with lowered prices.  Warranties on new sensors are now improving as OEM’s try to retain their customer base. Trade in credits are increasing as OEM’s work to motivate potential customers to purchase new sensors rather than have their sensor repaired.  Dentists all around the world are selling their broken sensor at premium prices.

Sodium Dental launched with the goal of educating dentists on technology so that each individual can make the best choices for their practice.  We started our blog to provide free information to everyone in the dental world. At Sodium Dental, we are proud to know that we’ve helped revolutionize the dental industry in a great way for Dentists all across the country.

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