Apteryx Xray Vision Imaging Rental


Apteryx Xray Vision Imaging software

Installation and Configuration of the Apteryx Imaging Software

Unlimited Apteryx Updates, Training and Software Technical Support for full time of rental

Advanced Integration of Apteryx Imaging into your Practice Management Software (e.g. Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Practiceworks, Open Dental and many more)

Advanced customization of Xray Vision for Image Quality, Ease of Use Tools and Speed

  • Image Magnifying Tool
  • Image Clarification Tool
  • Advanced Calibration and Measurement Tool
  • Literally hundreds of more tools at your fingertips

Two Mouse Clicks From Your Chart To Taking a Full FMX

Apteryx Integration with Sodium Dental Customization is so good that with most practice management options we can get you from your patient chart to taking or viewing X-Rays with 2 Mouse Clicks and no need to EVER re enter patient data.


12 month contract and then cancel any time

Pricing is Monthly – No Setup Fees