Belmont Bel-Cypher Digital Pano w/ Dell Computer

$10,800.00 $9,200.00


The Bel-Cypher N is a user-friendly, digital panoramic X-ray system that features bitewing imaging capability, as well as diagnostic panoramic and TMJ imaging capabilities. The Bel-Cypher N utilizes a high frequency inverter and has a small focal spot to produce crisp, clear images.

  • Sharp images can be obtained, even with mild positioning errors
  • Bitewing imaging mode for patients that experience gag reflex with intraoral imaging methods
  • High-frequency X-ray generator minimizes patient exposure to radiation
  • Fast 10 second scan time
  • Digital panoramic (child, adult), 4 view lateral and Bitewing (child, adult) imaging
  • Simple to use interactive user interface
  • Three-laser beam alignment system for correctly positioning patient mid-sagittal, frankfort and focal-trough planes
  • Reliable CMOS sensor technology for the acquisition of 14 bit images
  • TWAIN driver included

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Weight 1000 lbs


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