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The Aurora Digital X-Ray Sensor is a high quality, high durability, and high diagnostic image sensor. The Aurora intraoral sensor comes with outstanding 5 Year Accidental Protection! It is one of the fastest sensors on the market, capturing x-ray images in just 5-seconds.

500 in stock


Aurora Versatile Intraoral Plan


The Aurora Versatile Intraoral Plan is more than just a sensor rental program. $312 per month per sensor gives you stellar imaging technology in your practice. Our Aurora sensor comes in size 1 or size 2 and it is entirely up to you for what you need.

♦  The Aurora Sensor Comes In Size 1 or 2 you choose based on your needs

♦  Unlimited warranty that covers everything but loss of the sensor

♦  Unlimited Support 7:30 am to 7 PM Eastern Time

♦  Extremely flexible sensor that works in nearly every imaging software

Very simple path to ownership

  1. Purchase the Aurora VIP Program Start Up Program (1 per sensor)
  2. Our amazing Product Educators will reach out to you right away and get your paper work done for your ongoing $312 a month membership
  3. We will overnight your Aurora Sensor of the size you choose as soon as your paperwork is complete
  4. Our Products Educators will remotely install and train your staff in using your new Aurora sensor
  5. Sit back and enjoy the Aurora VIP experience


Free From Worry, and No Surprise Costs

Aurora stands behind its claims of quality and durability by providing a comprehensive on going warranty as long as you continue your VIP rental. We cover your sensor against manufacturer failures, bites, trips, kinks, and anything else except loss or intentional damage. Aurora means full confidence and no problems.


Top Tier Image Quality

Waterproof IP67 rated housing and stress-tested sensor cable are just the beginning of the features that set the Aurora apart from the crowd when making your sensor purchase decision.

With a 26 lp/mm theoretical resolution, the Aurora sensor is among the top of the class for image resolution. Cesium Iodide scintillators are in all of the top sensors, and the Aurora is using one of the best-manufactured scintillators on the market.

The Aurora Dental Sensor is the culmination of thousands of hours of research and development to produce a sensor with state of the art durability and image quality.

Unparalleled Speed

Every component in the Aurora was chosen to produce the best possible image quality and the most durable sensor, without sacrificing patient comfort or ease of use for the doctor. At 4 seconds between capture and sensor ready, the Aurora gives clinicians an ultra-fast response time to increase staff productivity.

Works Great in Dexis Imaging, Eaglesoft Imaging, Xray Vision, Cliniview, ProfSuni, and too many more to list


See It Work In Dexis Imaging With Our NEW TWAIN

Technical Specifications

Sensor physical dimensions (39.0 ± 0.3) mm x (25.0 ± 0.3) mm (41.9 ± 0.3) mm x (30.4 ± 0.3) mm
Cable length 2 meters 2 meters
Image size (H × V) 20 x 30 mm 26 x 34 mm
Pixel size 20 x 20 µm 20 x 20 µm
Measured resolution 20 Lp/mm 20 Lp/mm
Number of total pixels 1000 (H) x 1506 (V) pixels 1300 (H) x 1706 (V) pixels
Number of effective pixels 1000 (H) x 1500 (V) pixels 1300 (H) x 1700 (V) pixels
Number of light-shielded pixels Upper Part: 766, 768, 770; Lower Part: 1000 × 3 Upper part: 756, 758, 760; Lower part: 1300 × 3
Scintillator type CsI(Tl) CsI(Tl)
Waterproof equivalent of IP67 equivalent of IP67
Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0

Additional information

Sensor Size

Sensor Size 1, Sensor Size 2


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