Additional Sensor Installation



Additional Sensor Installation

This service is only available for customers who have purchased a sensor from Sodium Dental and require installation beyond the allotted three rooms.  This service is only available during the initial installation of your product.

Installation of your sensors drivers and calibration files in up to three rooms are provided for free with your purchase.  If you need additional rooms installed, then this service is for you.  This installation fee is discounted from our normal installation fee of $60 per room

This service only includes calibration file and driver installation on a single workstation.  If you have multiple workstations that need calibration files and drivers installed then please add the appropriate quantity of this product to your cart.  This service does not include any tech time for software adjustments or technical support.  If you are not satisfied with the image quality of your sensor we are happy to tweak your imaging software for added tech time.  If you are experiencing computer or software issues that are preventing your sensor from working correctly, we will be happy to assist you for added tech time.


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