Sodium HIPAA Risk Assessment

Sodium’s HIPAA Risk Assessment provides a thorough review of your internal procedures and technology infrastructure to determine your practice’s level of HIPAA compliance and data security. Our HIPAA Compliance Experts perform a thorough 52 checkpoint audit to provide valuable insights into potential data breach risks.

The Sodium HIPAA Risk Assessment Includes:

  • Auditing for improperly secured wireless and wired network access Checking the physical security of server
  • Inspecting client to server security procedures
  • Inspecting client station security procedures
  • Inspecting data at rest security
  • Inspecting availability of EPHI
  • Inspecting staff security awareness
  • Providing staff Security Awareness Training
  • Inspecting audit processes for EPHI access
  • Inspecting and Evaluating the Office Data Retention Method
  • Providing and Explaining Our Expert HIPAA Training Manual
  • Providing and Training Our Manual against Phishing and Scamming
  • Providing necessary inserts for your employee manual to meet guidelines on documenting your HIPAA policies and sanction processes
  • Providing an emergency recovery plan for your EPHI required by HIPAA

Sodium Systems will  establish what your office needs to meet requirements of HIPAA and provide you the guidance to meet those needs.


Our HIPAA Risk Assessment is not just about meeting guidelines and bureaucracy we make sure that we are providing you with expert consulting that will help you secure your patients valuable Personal Health Information. Your patients PHI is valuable to them and we know that your patients trust is valuable to you.