ImageScan HD Tubehead

The X-Ray That Helps Your Entire Practice Run Better

  • Best Image First Time Every Time
  • 0.4mm focal point means that you are getting the sharpest image in the industry.
  • Typical power lines can create instability in the output of any x-ray. The ImageScan HD Power Correction assures highly stable and consistent output even above other DC-x-rays


Multiple Arm Size Options

  • Available in single stud mount, pass through and mobile configurations.
  • Complete Studies Faster
  • Ultra high-precision arm design allows ease of movement and motionless stability.

Reduced Dosage

  • Patented shielding creates uniquely low radiation vs other wall mounted and handheld x-rays.

Rock Solid Quality

  • Life Cycle tested both mechanically and electrically over 200,000 cycles, assuring the unit will last a long time.

No Need to Train New Staff

The intuitive interface makes operation so simple, even your least-experienced staff member will have no trouble. No Training. No mistakes


Installation and Shipping must be purchased separately