Sodium Dental Now Offers: Runyes 3D Intraoral Scanner

Sodium Dental Now Offers: Runyes 3D Intraoral Scanner

Sodium Dental is happy to announce we will now be providing a 3D intraoral scanner by Runyes. A digital impression is a virtual scan that helps create a map of the teeth. With this scanner, dentists can immediately send the digital impression to a lab where restorations, crowns, dentures, and bridges are made. These can now be made quickly and effectively. This system, the Runyes 3D scanner, uses laser technology to measure distances from the tooth surface to acquire the image. Also, having a 3D intraoral camera has excellent benefits, including having quick 3D diagnostic information and the transferring of digital data for communication with specialists. Intraoral scanners are time-efficient and they help to simplify procedures. Dentists may worry about the upfront dollar amount, but what they should realize is how much you gain overall in both savings and accuracy. Dentists can have control of the outcome, which is super beneficial, and something many dentists find to be appealing. Patients like technology, so why not carry the latest and greatest technology in your office. 

Runyes 3DS 3D Intraoral scanner offers everything you need to make high quality digital impressions:

  • Ease of use
  • Fast scanning
  • Accurate, open format images
  • Real color
  • Powderless

The Runyes Intraoral Scanner will help eliminate fabricating errors by conventional methods. Runyes 3D Intraoral Scanner helps dentists give their patients a more comfortable experience. Having this tool can help with offering new services like aligners or antiapnea. Getting a 3D intraoral scanner will help with cost savings on printing materials. Such as no plasters/gypsum and no ceramic work, which means less storage space needs to be used. Having a 3D scanner will help with efficiency, and in return means chair time-saving. Having better precision will lead to fewer retakes and better quality of laboratory and clinical work being done. Another benefit to consider is the simplicity of technology that scanners use to allow dental assistants to complete the impression process. This allows dentists to see other patients and work on more value-driven procedures. 

Here is a video file about the Runyes 3D Scanner 

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