Dental Xray Sensor Repair

Dental Xray Sensor Repair

Xray sensor repair for all brands of dental xray sensors.  Most issues can be repaired.

Repair Your Xray Sensor Now

Kodak Dental Sensor Repair

Kodak Xray Sensor Repair

Dental Xray Sensor Repair benefits:

  • We repair all brands of dental x-ray sensor
  • Our dental xray sensor repairs cost a fraction of the cost of a new dental xray sensor
  • Reputable, and experienced dental xray sensor repair technicians
  • Risk free dental xray sensor repair estimates
  • If we can’t fix your dental xray sensor, you don’t pay*
  • We DO NOT outsource your dental xray sensor repair to another company
  • We have our own custom components manufactured to improve our sensor repairs
  • We offer 30 day warranty and 1 year warranty options for any sensor brand
    *See Our FAQ Page for details

Common Dental Xray Sensor Problems

  • Sensor triggering before you have had a chance to take an XRay
  • Sensor has recently stopped working
  • Your cable is obviously bitten, crushed, or damaged in someway
  • You have sent your sensor into your manufacturer and they say it is not repairable
  • The damage caused to your sensor is not covered under your current manufacturers warranty

If you have these, or any other issues with your digital XRay sensors, or Intra Oral Cameras, *we will provide you a free diagnostic and repair estimate (minus S&H fees.)

Dental Sensors Brands We Repair – Get Your Dental Xray Sensor Repaired Today!

This is not a complete list of all sensors that are repairable. Many sensors are sold under different model names and they are not all listed here. We likely can still repair your sensor no matter what the name.

Repair Your Xray Sensor Now