Sodium is a leader in dental technology and dental digital x-ray sensor repair.


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Sensor repair is fast easy and reliable. No matter what brand or model of sensor you have it is likely that we can repair it. Submit your sensor to us for a free estimate, we only bill for successful repairs so this is a no risk process. Use the Fix Your Sensor button to get the repair process started.

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Sodium Dental is committed to excellence

Excellence is:

  • Innovation in xray sensor repair & high quality dental imaging.
  • Carrying a very specific selection of products that stand out for their quality and value.
  • Creating a new paradigm for customer service, no wait times and no robots answering our phone systems.
  • Creating working environments and compensation that drive the best talent to work here at Sodium Dental to take care of our clients.
  • Staying at the cutting edge of dental technology. Evolving our systems and offerings continuously so that our clients are always future proof.

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