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Sodium’s Latest Articles

Our AURORA V.I.P Sensor rental program Do you know where your dental sensors come from? Revolutionize your approach to dental sensors!  Japan is known for awesome and new technology. They created the first high-speed train, the so-called bullet train! They are known for being leaders in science and technology. Because there are multiple factors to consider when it comes to finding a dental sensor, we wanted to work with the most-well known technological innovators to create a sensor with the big technology empire of the world! Want to Experience Dental Sensor Rental at its Best! Power your practice comeback with a cost-effective solution with our Aurora Sensor V.I.P Packaged, our leading digital x-ray solution paired with an affordable rental program. It’s never been easier to make the switch to digital sensors.  We have a passion for helping dentists care for their patients. Our Versatile Intraoral plan is your solution for digital x-ray for under $200 a month. Dental practices change and grow. Preserving your cashflow for hiccups and bends in the road is just smart business. This is why the flexibility of Aurora VIP to add sensors to your practice with minimal initial investment is incredibly valuable to your practice. Designed with Expertise. Sodium Dental developed the digital x-ray sensor repair process in 2011. We have repaired more failed sensors than any other company in the dental industry. We took this knowledge and applied it to the design and engineering of our Aurora Digital X-Ray Sensor to provide the most robust, high quality imaging system on the market. We say trust is the best strategy in dentistry. You can count on our Aurora Sensor to have you covered. No gimmicks in our service coverage or warranty. Our Aurora Digital X-Ray Sensor provides high-quality digital images with an ultra-fast response time. You will receive exceptional support and a full coverage, no worries warranty.   A plan that makes sense. Our sensor rental comes with an absolute full protection warranty. Learn more about our VIP program click here. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to [email protected]  Or call us at (800) 821-8962 … View Post

How to Properly store your Digital X-ray Sensors

 There are several ways to store digital x-ray sensors. To protect and extend the life of your digital x-ray sensor, you must properly store your sensors. Most commonly, many offices make the mistake of hanging their sensors from the sensor head and letting the cord hang down the wall. When storing your dental sensor, you want to make sure that it is not stored with other objects. Also, make sure not to be pulling on the cable. You have to be careful when handling and storing your dental sensors.  Storage Guide Proper Storage  Making sure your dental sensor is properly used and cared for is critical to the life of your sensors. Following these steps will help extend the life of your dental sensors. All dental sensor brands vary on how long they will last. Many brands claim 1-3 years with daily use. Our Aurora sensor will last five years, and our refurbished sensors should last anywhere between 1-2 years. We suggest not using sensor holders that are placed on the wall and have sensor cords dangling. We also do not suggest open angled bins on the wall. These types of holders put the sensor cable at risk, and having the sensor cable exposed is not a good idea. Also, the cable could be coiled or crimped too tightly with these kinds of holders pictured below.  Cable care  The cable is usually the first thing to fail on a dental sensor. The best way to avoid this type of damage is proper technique and storage. You want to ensure your patients are not biting hard onto the sensor or sensor cable. Using proper ring and bar-style holders greatly help extend the life of the sensor. Ring and bar-style sensor holders allow for proper placement of the x-ray sensor while the bite block of the sensor holder prevents patients from biting on the sensor cable.  Asking them to close their mouth slowly is very helpful. Saying the word "bite" usually implies your patient will close their mouth with force, which is not good for the sensor cable. As for storing your dental sensor, make sure there are no kinks or bends in the cable. Also, make sure you are not pulling on the cable. This includes unplugging the sensor from the USB hub and removing from the sensor holder/barrier shields. Following these techniques will help extend the cable life of your dental sensor.  Summary Printable Flyer: Proper Storage of X-ray sensor Overall, it comes down to giving the proper care to this expensive equipment. Always make sure to store and move your dental x-ray sensors safely. We suggest using a pelican case or clear bin with a lid for proper storage. Implementation of proper sensor storage will extend the shelf life of your dental x-ray sensors. How To Care For Your Newly Repaired X-ray Sensor If your practice has any questions about proper sensor storage or care, please give us a call at (800)821-8962 … View Post

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