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Purvigor KN95 Mask For Dental Offices

Purvigor Mask There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding of the KN95 mask situation. Sodium Dental wants to help shed light and give you a solution to provide a safe and effective KN95 mask that has been tested and approved by The National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL).  Many dental offices are beginning to open their doors and the dentists are securing personal protective equipment (PPE) for their teams in preparation for reopening. Dentists are finding it difficult to purchase masks (PPE) during this COVID-19 pandemic and many dental offices have been struggling to get the supplies they need. Here at Sodium Dental, we worked hard to get in these Purvigor KN95 Masks for dental offices. We want to help support dental offices getting back up and running safely by providing approved KN95 masks. Sodium Dental sent out these masks for testing and they passed with a 99 percent filtration rate, which is well above the 95 percent required. We are proud to have a respectable and safe supply of excellent masks. We understand the importance of not only providing a mask that has been tested and qualifies for The National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL) certified equipment list. Sodium Dental wanted to provide dentists with a mask that passed the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) standards, and they even state now they can be used for a medical respirator. It has to have a successful test by the NPPTL as the Purvigor mask does. Shop personal protective equipment KN95 Mask  Understanding Purvigor KN95 Mask Many dentists are worried about  masks that fall below the 95 percent standard. Well, we wanted to put the “Purvigor” name to the test. With all the concerns, Sodium Dental wanted to make sure dentists can have confidence when buying Purvigor KN95 Masks!  Why understanding not only the name on the packaging but the name on the mask matters. You must buy your mask from a company that is getting them directly from the manufacturer. We purchased our mask directly from the manufacturer. We here at Sodium Dental sent our mask to be tested. Check out our Purvigor test report from the NPPTL now that they have passed, they will be back on the FDA list. We sent our most recent shipment of masks to be tested. This test was done on ten random masks we sent to the national lab. Our samples came back testing at above 99 percent, far exceeding the 95 percent required. Mask Details NPPTL COVID-19 Response: International Respirator Assessment Manufacturer: Guangdong Fei Fan Mstar Technology LTD Model Tested: Purvigor KN95 Mask Date Tested: May 22, 2020 The maximum and minimum filter efficiency was 99.7% and 98.85%, respectively. All ten respirators measured more than 95%. Follow this link to see the full KN95 Mask test results from the NPPTL Click here for CDC - NPPTL result link International Assessment Results We worked hard to get these KN95 Masks in, and we are donating as often as we can while still keeping masks available to our emergency dentists in need. This product is for KN95 masks delivered in Packs of 10 where each mask is individually packaged. Click here to Shop Our Purvigor KN95 Mask Click here to see Us Making A Mask Donation To U Of M Medial   If you have any further questions regarding steps towards bringing your practice back online in terms of technology, safety, equipment, or infection protocol, please reach out to Sodium Dental at 800-821-8962, and our staff will help get you prepared quickly and safely. … View Post

Benefits Of Sensor Repair

Dexis SensorsGendex Sensors Sodium Dental Sensor Repair: Gendex, Dexis and more. Many dental practices have become digital offices who love their technology, but what happens once it breaks? Frequently, the moment something either breaks or does not work anymore, we toss it and replace it. Oddly enough, even as expensive as digital technology is, many dentists buy a replacement, which cost them a significant amount of money. What if I could tell you it does not have to be that way with your digital x-ray sensors? In this case, dentists have a second option of getting their digital x-ray sensor evaluated to see if the sensor can be repaired.  Too many dental practices fall into the mistake of letting their broken or damaged sensors just lay around the office. Many dentists throw away their digital x-ray sensors once they notice the sensor is having issues. They skip a step entirely by not turning to repair first. In fact, many dentists are still unaware of digital x-ray sensor repair, which is why Sodium Dental is here to break down exactly why repair can be better than replacement. Sensor Repair Will Save You Money The benefits to repairing a sensor instead of replacing it are numerous. The cost difference alone helps dentists save money. A repair can help get a sensor back up in the running for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Repair is quick and inexpensive. Many sensors can be back up and working in just a couple of days, instead of having to take the risk of replacement which is going to cost you far more than repair. A new replacement sensor can cost between $8,000 to $10,000, depending on the brand. Sensor repair is the best alternative; it is quick, effective, and affordable. Sensor repair usually costs about $1,300 to $2,000, depending on the complexity of the repair, and can extend the life of the sensor for years. Sodium Dental is the first and most experienced sensor repair company. Sodium Dental can repair x-ray sensors for any brand of x-ray sensors. There is no risk of sending your sensor to us -- we offer a FREE evaluation for any sensor sent in for repair. If we can’t repair your x-ray sensor, you don’t pay. Dentists can save thousands of dollars by repairing their x-ray sensors. What you need to know | Dental Sensor Repair Every situation varies, depending on why the sensor is failing. Here are a few issues you may see: pre-triggering or white images when trying to capture an x-ray, bite marks, crushed cable, vacuum cleaner twists, or full loss of sensor functionality. Overall, the most common point of failure is damage to the digital x-ray sensor cable. With daily use, the sensor cable will experience frequent bending, pulling, and twisting. And unfortunately, the occasional accident will also happen. In addition, sensor cables can get kicked, tripped on, or snagged in an office cabinet. The best first option is to look into repair. When you have a high-quality brand sensor that you know will cost a lot to replace, turn to repair first. Even the warranties usually do not cover any accidental damage, and then you are forced into a replacement because most sensor manufacturers do not offer sensor repair. Often many broken digital x-ray sensors are not covered and are out of warranty - this is when a sensor repair should help ease the stress and get the sensor fixed for a much lower cost.  Sodium Dental Stress-Free Repair Process The significant benefits when getting a repair done with Sodium Dental, we have no hidden fees. We have reputable and experienced x-ray sensor repair technicians and a success rate of over 70% in repairing all sensor brands. There is no risk when sending your sensor to us. We do not outsource our sensor repairs -- Sodium Dental technicians complete them in-house. We offer 90-day warranty and 1-year warranty options for all sensor brands. Fill out our simple submission form at Follow the provided instructions to send your sensor, and Sodium Dental will send you an estimate within one business day of its arrival. Once you approve your estimate, the sensor will be repaired within two business days. Your sensor repair estimate is FREE, with no obligations except return shipping. Even when manufacturers say they can't repair your sensor, we most likely can!  Contact us  (800) 821-8962 Check out this video- Dental Products - Secret Pricing, What You Don't Know May Cost You … View Post

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