Sodium Dental is a full service dental technology integration company with over 20 years of experience.  We focus on increasing your productivity and client experience through high quality technology and diagnostics.  Whether it’s remote installation for a digital x-ray sensor or a new printer installation, we can help.

  • Dental Xray Sensor Repair.  We repair all brands of broken x-ray sensors.  The estimates are free, diagnostics is free, you will not be billed if we are unable to repair your sensor.

  • Loaner X-ray Sensor. We can provide you with a loaner x-ray sensor to use while your broken x-ray sensor is in our facility for repair.

  • Technology Installation and Consulting.  We’re experts at helping you put together a technology plan for your practice and integrating that technology into your practice.

  • Staff Training. Every practice that we outfit will receive at least a full day of training. This training creates a precedent for them to follow giving them a set of daily procedures that will show them how to increase production.

  • Tech Support. Always talk to a real person the first time, right away.  Our techs can handle any technical issues that may pop up in your practice and can either come onsite or connect with you remotely.

  • Used Dental Equipment. We’re looking for your lightly used, less than 10 year old equipment.  We’ll need photos of the equipment you want to sell, location of the equipment, and an inventory with manufacturer dates.

  • Remote Support Sessions. If you’re currently speaking with one of our tech support agents and need to get our tech connected to your computer then click here.