Sodium Dental offers comprehensive training for the entire dental practice staff.

The dental industry is comprised of dentists, the clients, large full service supply houses, and relatively small manufacturers and custom dental technology integrators.  Sodium Dental’s sole purpose as a dental technology integrator is to not only sell and install computer networks, computer systems, digital diagnostic imaging equipment, practice management and imaging software, but to provide support for these items over the life of the equipment.

Once the dental technology is in place our focus is to properly and fully educate the practices staff on how to efficiently and effectively utilize their new dental technology to increase the dental practices production and diagnostic capabilities enabling the practice to provide superior patient care.

Staff Training

Every practice that we outfit will receive at least a full day of training.  This training creates a precedent for them to follow giving them a set of daily procedures that will show them how to increase production.

Staff training will include:

  • Proper placement of digital sensors
  • How to hold an IO camera properly
  • How to take clear images
  • How to quickly take a full IO exam on a patient
  • How to utilize the IO patient exam by announcing problem areas in the mouth while taking images (this sparks patient interest which segues into the patient asking YOU for additional treatment minimizing your need to “sell dentistry”)
  • How to efficiently use your practice management software and image management software to create a consistent patient flow throughout your practice
  • And also to answer any questions they have about the new technology and to alleviate some of their stresses

Dentists do not currently have a reliable source to install, train, and integrate technology into their practice without severely disrupting the daily operations of the practice.  There are individual companies that fulfill each individual part of the equation (ie. Computer networks, practice management software, ongoing staff training, etc) but there is not a company that focuses on delivering a complete solution for the dentist. Sodium Dental’s main focus is to combine all of these attributes into one company so that you only have to go to one source to get all of your dental technology needs fulfilled.

Sodium’s HIPAA Risk Assessment

Digital X-ray Sensor & Software Training

Intra Oral Camera Training & Installation