Sodium Attends Paragon’s East Coast Excelleration Meeting

Sodium Dental is a proud sponsor for The Paragon Program, the experts in dental practice management. The Paragon Program works with several dental practices located in various regions on the United States. We recently had the opportunity to attend their East Coast “Excelleration Meeting” that they … [Read more...]

Video of Aurora Digital X-Ray Sensor Works In Dexis Imaging In this video we take a quick few minutes showing the Aurora Digital x-ray sensor working in Dexis. It is a simple process with our Aurora Twain and we are happy to set it up for you. We know that a lot of people love the Dexis Imaging software and we … [Read more...]

ODA 2019 Annual Session October 3rd Through The 6th

Come visit our booth at the Annual Session in Columbus Ohio. The theme for the event is to Connect, Learn and Excel. We hope that Sodium Dental can add to that with our amazing show specials and a hands on experience with our amazing digital X-Ray technology. Come to our booth for prizes and … [Read more...]

Sensor Repair Stories – Sodium Dental

PLEASE DO NOT USE CLAMP OR HEMOSTAT ON SENSOR CABLES So a lot of things cause sensors to fail. This is one we see very often. Offices will sometimes use a clamp or hemostat on a sensor cable near the sensor head. This is incredibly damaging to the sensor cable and will often lead to failure. … [Read more...]

Pricing Secret Dental Technology Pricing and Product Information Is Too Hard To Find

Hide and Seek pricing I think we are all pretty comfortable with the ability to go online and research products and their pricing. When we consider looking into a car or a blender, a cat, or basically any product or service. You can usually go online and find user reviews, professional reviews, … [Read more...]

Our Tigers Event With New and Soon To Be Dentists Goes Off With A Bang

We are a company that provides high quality digital X-Ray Sensors like the Aurora. To dental offices across the country, but here close to our Ann Arbor office. We like to reach out to the dental students that are still struggling to get through those stressful 3rd and 4th years. We host events … [Read more...]

Sodium Dental Sponsors 22nd U of M Alumni Golf Classic

Sodium Dental is Proud To Be A Sponsor for the 22nd University of Michigan Annual Alumni Golf Classic Above all, Sodium Dental is constantly seeking for ways to expand and grow. We are a company that strives to support for numerous events, organizations, clubs; you name it. Hence, … [Read more...]

University Of Michigan – Alpha Omega Dinner Presentation On Dental Technology For new dentists, there can be a lot to learn when it comes to creating or running a small business.  Establishing the necessary business elements and learning how to run a successful dental practice can provide challenges early in one’s career. Sodium Dental … [Read more...]

Lead Product Specialist Gets Trained On New Digital Pano

How Our Lead Product Specialist Gets Trained On New Digital Pano Systems and Their Installation In brief last month I had the opportunity to travel to Connecticut to the Owandy headquarters (US). I learn about the new wall mounted unit.  Our training included hardware installation, software … [Read more...]

A View From Our Product Educator Hailey

Working at Sodium Dental has given me an understanding of things I would have never know about in my life. It has opened my eyes to the dental industry and made me more aware of the technology out there. There are so many amazing products that are designed to make a dentist's' life easier, however … [Read more...]

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