Sodium Dental is a proud sponsor for The Paragon Program, the experts in dental practice management. The Paragon Program works with several dental practices located in various regions on the United States. We recently had the opportunity to attend their East Coast “Excelleration Meeting” that they host quarterly.   This quarter, the East coast meeting was held in the great city of Baltimore at the BWI Marriot hotel.

These meetings allow dentist in their region to meet and learn valuable tips on growing their dental practice. Sodium Dental enjoys sitting in on these meetings because they touch on a variety of topics that help you with both personal and business growth.  Some topics at this meeting included: staff commitment, goal setting, case acceptance, and how to handle situations when a patient’s insurance change.

Sodium Dental had a busy table in Baltimore at the paragon meeting. We were thrilled to see everyone!  Doctors were able to stop by to see first-hand the intra-oral cameras that we carry and how easy they were to use. Recently, a few new additions were welcomed into the intra-oral camera family at Sodium Dental. The 2 new wireless cameras, the Discovery HD and Dr’s Cam, were hot items.  Doctors loved the high-speed digital wireless technology, the HD images, and the built-in gyro presentation mouse in both cameras. Intra-oral cameras are a vital tool in the dental office that will increase your case acceptance, which is a key to growth. They allow you to educate your patient by showing them images of concern to help them grasp and understand their oral condition as well as the treatment they need.

We can’t wait until our next Paragon meeting in November! If you have any questions about intra-oral cameras or if are interested in learning more about joining Paragon, please contact us today!

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