Sensor Repair for Gendex, Schick, Dexis, Kodak, Carestream & More

Sensor Repair

Sensor Repair

Scroll down to fill out the submission form. Fill it out, print it out, and stick it in the box with your sensor when you ship it. Call us if you have any questions! 1-800-821-8962

  1. Which x-ray sensors can we repair? All of them! We can repair any and all dental x-ray sensors.  Dexis, Kodak, Gendex, Schick, Sirona, and any other sensor.
  2. What if it’s your only x-ray sensor? Loaner x-ray sensors are available upon request for use while your sensor is being repaired. We can overnight one to you today, click here to get a loaner sensor right away!
  3. How long will the repair take? Most sensor repairs can be completed within 1-2 business days. The repair time frame can change under certain circumstances such as difficulty of repair and volume of repairs currently in queue.
  4. Do we have any referrals to share? Sure! You can check out testimonials here, take a look at our stellar Google Reviews here, and see us in Gordon Christensen’s Clinicians Report as the most used sensor repair company in the country!
  5. How long have we been repairing x-ray sensors?  We were actually the FIRST company to begin repairing dental x-ray sensors!
  6. How do you get your sensor repaired quickly? Fill out the submission form below, we’ll email you a copy. Print that out and stick it in the box with your sensor. Ship your sensor to us!  We’ll contact you as soon as your package is delivered and every step of the way after.
    sensor repair

Fill out the form below, Print out the email you receive and Ship your sensor and *interface box to:
Sodium Dental
1100 N Hartley St
Suite 300
York, PA 17404

*For testing purposes it is very important that you send an interface box with your sensor.  Sensors sent without interface boxes may be delayed in processing.
  • We don't always use promo codes but when you see one you should use it!
  • It's important that we know who is sending us a sensor and/or intra oral camera so please put your company name here!
  • We like to keep in close contact with you. This person will be the one to receive our emails and phone calls!
  • We like to keep in close contact with your office so you know exactly what's going on with your sensor. You'll be contacted when we receive your sensor, when you estimate is ready, when we repair, and when we ship!
  • We will email you when we receive your sensor, when your estimate is ready, and when your sensor ships back to you. You will also receive a copy of this submission form in your email.
  • Where should we ship your sensor once the repair is completed?
  • Once your sensor is repaired and paid for we will ship your sensor back to you. Please tell us how you would like your sensor shipped back to your office. Selections can be changed at any time by calling us at 800-821-8962 or emailing us at
  • If you decline your repair or your sensor is not repairable we will ship it back to you. Please tell us how you would like your sensor shipped back to your office. Selections can be changed at any time by calling us at 800-821-8962 or emailing us at CHOOSE ALL THAT APPLY.
  • Dental practice? IT Company? Insurance Company?
  • ie. Kodak, Carestream, Schick, Dexis, Gendex, Suni, DigiDoc, Dexcam, etc
  • Please list all serial numbers of the sensor/s and/or interface boxes that will be included in this package.
  • Please describe the issues that you are experiencing with your sensor or intra oral camera. This will assist our technicians in the diagnosis and estimate process.
  • Please list everything that you will be including in your shipment to Sodium Dental including USB cables, calibration discs, paperwork, sensors, interface boxes, etc.
  • Sensors that use an interface box: Dexis Classic, Schick, Eva, Sirona, Suni. If your sensor plugs directly into your computer with a USB connection (ie. Dexis Platinum, Kodak, Carestream, Gendex GXS-700) then you do not have an interface box.

    If you do not ship us your interface please note that your estimate could be delayed if we do not have an interface available in house to test with at the time of our receipt.

  • Please note, you will not be billed anything until you approve of the estimate for repair and Sodium Dental is successful at repairing your sensor. Making a 1 year warranty selection now does not obligate you to pay for the 1 year warranty. Warranty document can be viewed here.
  • During testing your sensor may need to be dismantled by a Sodium Dental tech. In the event that you do not authorize the repair estimate or your sensor is determined to be not repairable our techs can reassemble the sensor for you.
  • No xray sensor is perfect. Even Dexis Platinum sensors actually have poor image quality before their images are filtered with calibration files.

    Calibration files, aka correction files, make software adjustments to the raw sensor image to make the xray appear clearer to the human eye. It is important that we have your original calibration file/s in order to properly diagnose your sensors issue.

    Your calibration file can be emailed to us or you can send the calibration disc with your sensor.
    For instructions on how to retrieve your calibration file please click here.
  • Once your sensor is received in our office we will contact you via telephone and follow up with an email to let you know your sensor arrived safely. You will then receive an estimate for repair within 24-48 hours.

    All correspondence will be directed to the contact person and email address that you specified in the beginning of this form. If your sensor is found to be not repairable or you decide to decline the repair you will only be responsible for the reassembly fee (if chosen above) and the cost of return shipping based on your selection above.

    *Diagnosis labor and estimate are completely free.
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  • Once this form is filled out click the submit button!

    You will receive a copy of this submission form in your email inbox. Please print out the email that you receive and include it in the box with your sensor repair items. This form allows for accurate tracking of the equipment that you send to Sodium Dental and is important in order to expedite the repair process.

    If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-821-8962 or send us an email to

    If you do not receive the form in your email be sure to check your SPAM folder.