Refurbished X-ray Sensors

All refurbished x-ray sensors have been evaluated, repaired, and quality tested by Sodium Dental’s x-ray sensor repair technicians.  X-ray images provided on the products page are actual x-ray images that the specific x-ray sensor listed for sale produces.  We utilize Dexis Imaging for Dexis sensors and Apteryx XrayVision for all other x-ray sensor testing to ensure quality images and functionality.

    Dexis X-ray Sensors. (Refurbished)

Dexis Classic Used Dexis Classic X-ray Sensors

Gendex Sensor Gendex X-ray Sensors

    Schick X-ray Sensors (Refurbished)

    Kodak & Carestream X-ray Sensors (Refurbished)

Dentrix Image Ray Dentrix Image Ray X-ray Sensors

 Suni X-ray Sensors

Other brands of x-ray sensors