X-ray Sensor Repair

X-ray sensor repair for any brand of xray sensors can be repaired by Sodium Dental.  Our repair team has the most experience and a highest success rate at repairing your x-ray sensor.  Diagnosis and estimates for any x-ray sensor repair is completely free to you with no obligation to pay for a repair if you choose to decline.

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Kodak Xray Sensor Repair

Major Benefits to Repairing Your Sensor:

  • Save tons of money by repairing your xray sensor
  • Reputable, and experienced x-ray sensor repair technicians
  • There is no risk to sending your sensor to us
  • If we can’t repair your x-ray sensor, you don’t pay*
  • We do not outsource, sensor repairs are completed by Sodium Dental technicians
  • Sodium Dental manufactures our own custom components for high quality repairs
  • We offer 30 day warranty and 1 year warranty options for any sensor brand
    *See Our FAQ Page for details

Common X-ray Sensor Problems

  • Pre-trigger or white images when trying to capture an x-ray
  • All functionality has been lost
  • Bite marks, crushed cable, vacuum cleaner twists
  • You have sent your sensor into your manufacturer and they say it is not repairable
  • Manufacturer will not cover the damage done to your x-ray sensor

If you have these, or any other issues with your x-ray sensors, or intra oral cameras, we will provide you a free diagnostic and repair estimate (minus S&H fees.)*

X-ray Sensor Brands We Repair

This is not a complete list of all sensors that are repairable. Sodium Dental can repair all sensor brands, models, and makes.

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