Your Dental X-ray Sensor Rental: Rent-A-Sensor Program

This Dental X-ray Sensor Rental Only $300!

This Dental X-ray Sensor Rental Only $300!

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Based on information from over 2000 dentists the majority of their dental sensors failed within 3 years of purchase.  While some of these x-ray sensor failures are due to misuse and physical damage, most will fail simply due to regular use and radiation exposure.  With a dental x-ray sensor rental you’ll never have to worry.

Do you know what your dental x-ray sensor warranty actually covers?  Right now, I urge you, go find your warranty documentation and read it over thoroughly.  You will find that your warranty does not cover items such as physical damage, cuts in the cable, scratches on the sensor head housing, bite marks on the cable and/or sensor head, bent USB connector, etc.  The list is extensive.

Do you know how long your warranty coverage is in effect?  Warranty time frames range depending on the brand.  Some of the “major” brands only provide warranty coverage for 1 YEAR.  Some brands provide warranty coverage for 2 or 3 years.  Some brands offer continual warranty coverage for outrageous annual fees of $1,000+!  A dental x-ray sensor rental means you’re covered for the lifetime of your rental.

Do you know how the warranty process works if your sensor goes down and you warranty work?  You’ll likely have to call tech support for your sensor brand.  This is true for all brands.  Before a warranty is processed it is very important for tech support to evaluate the sensor in your practice, but what happens after this call is what’s important.

  • How long will the warranty replacement/repair take?
  • Will you receive a loaner x-ray sensor during the process?
  • How much will the loaner x-ray sensor cost you?
  • How much money will the replacement or repair cost you?
  • Will your broken x-ray sensor even be covered under the warranty?

With the Rent-A-Sensor program you will never have to worry about these questions.

For a low monthly fee your dental x-ray sensor rental gets you:

  1. A fully functional, direct USB, digital x-ray sensor.
  2. Professional installation by Sodium Dental’s highly experienced technicians.
  3. Continual support for all of the sensors under your dental x-ray sensor rental program.
  4. Fast turnaround time if you ever have an issue.

And most importantly…

You will always have a working dental x-ray sensor in your practice.


Your Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Failure Replacement Approach.

  • With the Sodium Dental Sensor Rental Program you don’t have to worry about x-ray sensor failures or issues.  Our tech team is always on standby to troubleshoot your issues and if necessary we will ship you a replacement immediately.

Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Warranty Coverage For You.

  • If your x-ray sensor has an issue under the Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Program you will receive a replacement for your broken sensor right away at no cost to you. Just send us the broken x-ray sensor and we’ll ship you a replacement.

Your Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Length of Warranty.

  • With the Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor program you’re covered for as long as you are using our rental program.

Your Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Warranty Processing.

  • There is no processing time for warranty work with the Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor program. If you have an issue with your sensor, call us.  Our highly experienced technicians will provide some troubleshooting support and then, if necessary, we’ll get a replacement x-ray sensor out to you immediately.

Imaging Software Options for Your Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Use.

  • The sensor options offered with the Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Program will work with most dental imaging software. Alternatively Sodium Dental offers a rental option for the best imaging software available, Apteryx XrayVision imaging software.

How Do You sign Up For The Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Program?

  • You can view our Rent-A-Sensor options and their image quality by viewing the sensor products here.  Call your account manager to set up your rental agreement 1-800-821-8962