Best X-ray Sensor Repair Company, 10 Reasons Why

Best X-ray Sensor Repair Company

Best X-ray Sensor Repair Company

  1. X-ray Sensor Repair Pioneers. Sodium Dental was the first company to offer x-ray sensor repair to dentists and x-ray sensor companies and their vendors nationwide.  We’ve developed high quality repair processes and replacement parts that meet or exceed OEM x-ray sensor quality. Our lengthy experience both in dental technology integration and x-ray sensor repair supports us in providing the best x-ray sensor repair quality for you.
  2. A Focus On Follow Up. Being the best x-ray sensor repair company means keeping you informed every step of the way. We know how important your x-ray sensor is for daily production. Our team will follow up with you at every step of the x-ray sensor repair process.  You will always know what’s happening with your sensor & someone will always be here to answer your questions.
  3. Speedy Turn Around Time. Being the best means being the fastest without compromising quality. Our x-ray sensor repair technicians are the best in the business and can have your x-ray sensor repair turned around and on its way back to your office in a matter of days.
  4. Most experienced technicians. To be the best you need experience. Our x-ray sensor repair technicians have been with us since the beginning which means they have extensive experience working with all sensor brands and models.  Our x-ray sensor repair technicians are also the ones helping us innovate and improve our repair processes ensuring a quality end result.
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  6. Great Value For Your Money. Sodium Dental has and will continue to provide high quality and long lasting x-ray sensor repairs at a low acceptable fee.  Repair costs are a fraction of potential replacement costs!
  7. Transparency. When we receive your sensor our x-ray sensor repair technicians immediately troubleshoot and evaluate your sensor.  We’ll write out our diagnosis in the repair estimate when we send it to you.  This will help you to understand the cause of the issue and educate your staff on proper sensor care if necessary.
  8. No Repair Means No Repair Fee. Sodium Dental will never charge you a diagnostic fee or evaluation fee.   If we can’t repair your sensor or you choose to not have your sensor repaired then all we ask is that you cover the return shipping of your sensor back to you.
  9. Fast Shipping Options. Getting your repaired x-ray sensor back to your office as quickly as possible is important to us.  We offer shipping options to accommodate faster shipping.
  10. Quality Remote Support. Even after your x-ray sensor is repaired and delivered to your office our technicians are here to assist you.  We’re here to help and we’ll do what we can to satisfy your needs.
  11. Proper Sensor Care. Our goal is to save you money and provide further use out of your x-ray sensor investment.  With each x-ray sensor repair Sodium Dental includes handy tips and educational material to help you and your staff prolong the useful life of your x-ray sensors.

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