Occlusal X-Rays Getting Your Sensor Down? – Sodium Dental Is Working On a Solution

It is a regular problem we see dentists sending in highly damaged sensors for repair. Many of these sensors such as this one have been damaged by doctors attempting to use the sensor for occlusal X-rays on children. I went over this problem in Occlusal X-Rays Are Killing Your Sensors.


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I had a long conversation with a pediatric dentist on the phone where they explained the stress of knowing that taking X-rays without a holder leads to damaging their sensor and voiding their warranty, but they are still adamant that they must take these occlusal X-rays and there are no holders for them to utilize for this. I know there is a controversy over whether these x-rays are specifically necessary, but I am an engineer and not a dentist so for those who desire to take occlusal X-rays we are working hard to make a holder for your sensor that will protect it from dangerous teeth. Please watch the video below to see our first attempts at our occlusal X-Ray bite block. Hopefully from this we can produce a product to keep your Digital X-ray sensors safe. This first model is specifically sized to fit a Dexis Platinum Sensor (Dexis is a registered TM of DITC and Sodium Dental has no affiliation with Dexis or it’s parent companies)