Sodium Dental Goes to Chicago Mid Winter 2016 to Advertise Dental Sensor Repair

The Chicago Mid Winter is always a great opportunity to meet new vendors and see what is new in dental. We are in the business of digital X-Ray sensor repair as well as new computer systems, industrial cabling, patient display solutions, digital xray sensors, intra oral cameras, 3D Cone Beam CT, Digital Pano systems and much more.

When you provide digital xray sensor repair to thousands of customers a year it is important to make sure you are current with all the newest manufacturers and products.

This year we had the opportunity to also be one of three main vendors for the Chicago Mid Winter Hygiene Reception. This was a unique opportunity to really get involved with the staff of the offices that we so often serve. The hygienists are very often the heart and soul of a dental office and have a great deal of insight into how to provide a better digital xray sensor repair service. Also, they gave us a lot of information on what is important to them for monitor and keyboard placement in a dental operatory.

We finished up our trip with our favorite Chicago Steak House Benny’s