Sodium IT Support To Your Door and To Your Computer Screen

Sodium Dental is not just the leader in dental sensor repair we are also your full service dental technology company. We provide top quality services solving complicated problems with your dental server and network. We install new monitors, digital xray sensors, computer systems, digital panos, digital imaging systems and much more. The key to being the best at providing dental technology to our offices is to first provide expert IT support.

Our Expert Sodium IT support gets you a solution incredibly fast in many ways. Our first line of defense is to use the internet and set up a quick remote session. Most of your technology problems can be solved with a fast and efficient remote support session.

If an on site visit is called for you can expect one of our very polite and professional support technicians to arrive in a timely manner and provide prompt and thorough service.

If we can not get to you by plane, train, internet or car then we will definitely find another way.

So call our number today at 800-821-8962 for prompt and professional dental IT support


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