How To Check Your Xray Sensor Driver

An important step in troubleshooting your digital x-ray sensor is to confirm that your xray sensor driver is the latest version. There is a helpful article on that gives step-by-step instructions for checking the driver version of your hardware.

Checking Dental X-ray Sensor Drivers

Checking Dental X-ray Sensor Drivers

From the article:

  1. Open Device Manager from the Windows 7 Control Panel.Note: There are also a few other ways to access Device Manager in Windows 7 but opening it via Control Panel is probably easiest.
  2. In Device Manager, locate the device that you want to find the driver version number of.Note: Work through the hardware categories by clicking the > icon. You’ll find the specific hardware device you’re looking for under one of these major hardware categories.
  3. After finding the hardware device you’re looking for, right click on the device’s name or icon and click on Properties.
  4. In the Properties window for the device, click the Driver tab.
  5. On the Driver tab, look for Driver Version among the other statistics about the driver. It will be located above the several buttons.Next to Driver Version you’ll see the version number of the currently installed driver for this device. This is what you’re after.Important: Be sure to take note of the Driver Provider as well. It’s possible that the currently installed driver is a default driver from Microsoft, in which case comparing version numbers will be pointless. Go ahead and install the updated manufacturer’s driver but only if the new driver was released after the Driver Date listed here.

The article also provides a link to instructions for finding a driver’s version if you are using something other than Windows 7 (click here).

This is an important first step in troubleshooting your x-ray sensor, because your xray sensor driver  is the thing that enables the sensor to communicate with the computer and your software. Outdated xray sensor drivers can cause many issues, such as unresponsive or unreliable sensors.  Before you send your digital x-ray sensor to us for repair try installing the most recent xray sensor drivers first, sometimes new xray sensor drivers can fix common issues.  If you need assistance, feel free to give us a call or email!