X-Ray Generators

Sodium Dental carries the quality x-ray tubeheads that your office needs to capture high quality x-ray images with every patient. We offer wall mounted tubeheads, portable hand held tubeheads, and even freestanding mobile units that you can roll from room to room! Each tubehead that we sell we’ve used and tested in our lab and because of this we are able to offer complete installation of each of these units. Our excellent staff is ready to assess your practice and recommend the unit that is right for your practice and your budget.

Wall Mounted X-ray Generators

Wall mounted x-ray generators provide each of your rooms a dedicated tubehead. These tubeheads will provide high quality images for decades.

Portable X-Ray Generators

Portable x-ray units are the best solution for offices that need flexibility of location. Reliably sturdy rolling stand allows you to move this tubehead from room to room as you need it. Coupled with the same quality technology as in the wall mount version only in a versatile compact package. Provides convenience and flexibility while saving you the cost of having to install an x-ray unit in each room.