Mapping The Data Drive – Apteryx XrayVision

Now that you’ve installed Apteryx XrayVision to your data server we need to map the data drive onto your workstations so that we can add XrayVision to all of your workstations.

Mapping The Data Drive – Apteryx XrayVision

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In this video today we are going to go over how to share out the Apteryx Imaging folder on your data server as well as how to map that shared folder onto each one of your workstations.

This step requires that we already have Apteryx Xrayvision installed on your data server already. If you do not have Apteryx XrayVision installed on your data server just check out the link below and that will take you to our How To Install XrayVision Onto Your Data Server video. Which will walk you through the steps on how to install XrayVision.

To begin this process the first thing we need to do is go to our data server. On your data server we’re going to click on the start button and then we’ll click on My Computer. This is going to open up your list of drives.

See we have our C drive, this is my data drive. You are going to need to open up the data drive on your server. So lets open up our data drive and we will see that Apteryx Imaging is right there in the root of our data drive.

To share this Apteryx Imaging folder out we just need to right click on the folder, go down to the bottom of this menu and click on properties. Then in the properties menu we need to click on the Sharing tab.

To share this the Apteryx Imaging folder out we need to click on the share button. As you can see here it does already have some user names put into the menu. What we need to do is we need to share this folder out so that everyone in our office can access this folder on their workstations. By giving everyone access to the Apteryx Imaging data folder it is important to remember that anyone that has access to your network will be able to access the Apteryx Imaging folder. If you are unsure about the security of your network please feel free to give us a call 1-800-821-8962, you can send us an email or you can visit our website and speak to one of our technicians through our handy chat function which you will see pop up on the bottom right hand corner of our website.

To share out this folder to everyone so that we can access it from any of our workstations we are going to make sure that everyone has read/write permissions and we are just going to click share.

Now that we clicked share you’ll see your folder as shared. This means that it is shared out and anyone with this path will be able to access the Apteryx Imaging folder.

At this point we will want to write down this path because it will make our next step much more easier when we go to add this shared folder to our workstations.

I’m just going to write this out. \\jake-pc\apteryx imaging and I’ll have this in this notepad for future reference.

Now we can go ahead and click done and you’ll see Apteryx Imaging is shared. This is the network path which we wrote down right here. I’m going to go ahead and close and then I can go ahead and close My Computer.

And we are now done on your data server.

So at this point we want to move over to one of the workstations that we would like to add the Apteryx Imaging data folder to. Before we go over to one of our workstations you’ll want to either write this path out onto a piece of paper or just go ahead and print out this sheet so that you can carry it around with you to each workstation.

For this example I’m just going to move this off screen and we’ll refer to it later.

At this point our data folder is shared and we need to walk over to one of our workstations.

OK, now that we’re over at one of our workstations we need to map this drive so that we can move onto the next step in configuring XrayVision.

Now that we’re on our workstation the first step that we want to do is open up Computer again. Hit that start button and then click on Computer which brings us to our main computer page here. This shows us all of our drives. Up here we have physical hard disk drives, right here we have our disk drive, and then here is our network locations. So this area right here is where our Apteryx Imaging shared folder is going to appear.

In order for us to add the Apteryx Imaging map drive from our data server to our workstation we want to go up to the toolbar here up at the top of the window and click on the double arrows to display additional commands. The option that we want is Map Network Drive. I’m going to click on this and it’s going to open up the map network drive menu.

As you can see we need to select a drive letter and then we need to input the path of our data folder that we’re looking for. To pick a drive letter Igenerally suggest using X: X is what I usually do for Apteryx Imaging. Or for any imaging software it just makes sense, X for Xray so we’re going to go ahead and select X.

The folder path here is the path that I had you write down earlier in the video. So you’re going to want to grab that piece of paper. I have mine right here. I’m going to go ahead and type this in.

Now to confirm that I actually put in the right path I’m going to click on Browse. When I click on browse it’s going to open up all of our network places and if my path is correct it’s going to show the Apteryx Imaging folder right here and all of its contents. Now you can see our path is still in there, X is chosen now for these options here I want to click on reconnect at login make sure that is checked. It should be by default and then click on finish.

Once you click on finish it is going to open up the Apteryx Imaging folder you’ll be able to see all of the contents of the folder and from here you can just close that window and you can see under Computer here that our Apteryx Imaging folder is now one of our list of network locations.

We can go ahead and close computer I can get rid of my little note and we are good to move onto the next workstation. We can then just go down the line and add this network share to each workstation that you want to be able to access the Apteryx Imaging software.

Once you have the folder shared out to all of your workstations we can go ahead and move on to the next step in the process which is adding XrayVision to each workstation.

You can view that video by clicking on the link below. Thanks for watching again if you need any assistance at anytime give us a call 1-800-821-8962, send us an email or visit our website and talk to our techs through the online chat.