Our Sensor Repair Service Is Well Adapted To Many Sensors and Refined For Best Results

Our Typical Sensor Repair Process Is amazing, fill out our submission form and ship us your sensors in for repair. We receive your sensors, create an estimate that we send to you, once you approve the sensor we get your sensor fixed and back to you right away. Usually within 5 days. This EXPRESS Sensor Repair Is A Little Different

What Makes The Express Sensor Repair Process Different?

  1. You purchase this product through our web portal as many in quantity as sensors you need repaired.
  2. We will E-Mail You a FEDEX Overnight Shipping label to ship your sensor in to us, as well as a link to fill out our repair form so we have all the data on your sensor.
  3. We will receive your sensor the next day and it will immediately go to the front of the line for repair because it is automatically authorized.
  4. After your repair we will test your sensor significantly and as long as it passes all of our QC we will overnight your sensor back to you within 2 business days but usually in 1 business day.
  5. We will contact you when you receive your sensor and make sure your staff plugs in the sensor and tests it to be sure everything is working on your computer systems, this repair will come with the warranty you selected in this product

In the case that we receive your sensor and it is non repairable for any reason we will void the charge on this product, inform you immediately and give you options on how to proceed next.

Repaired Schick Xray Sensor Distance

Repaired Schick Xray Sensor Distance

You Can Use This Express Product With Any Sensor You Would Like Repaired. Here is a list of sensors we commonly repair and we have many more we repair.


  • 1 Full Repair and Cable Replacement
  • Overnight Shipping To Our Office And Back To Your Office

Commonly Repaired Sensors

  • Kodak Dental Sensors
  • Carestream Dental Sensors
  • Dexis Dental Sensors
  • Dexis Classic
  • Dexis Platinum
  • Dexis Ergo
  • Dexis Titanium
  • Schick Dental Sensors
  • Schick 33
  • Schick WiFi
  • Schick Elite
  • Schick CDR
  • Schick Remote HS
  • Apex Dental Sensors
  • Quickray Sensors
  • Hamamatsu Sensors
  • Planmecca Sensors
  • Gendex GXS 700 Sensors
  • Gendex EHD Sensors
  • Eva Sensors
  • Uniray Sensors
  • Vatech Sensors