Our company supports just about every practice management and image management program that’s available for dental practices and two of the most common programs we support is Practiceworks and Apteryx.

If you use one of the variations of the Apteryx imaging software (Prof.Suni, XrayVision, Lightyear, etc) than you know that Apteryx utilizes a program called NameGrabber to “sniff” out patient information from your practice management software and pull it into Apteryx. Did you know that if you use Practiceworks for your practice management that you can do away with NameGrabber altogether?

Connecting Dental Management Software to Dental Image Management Software

At Sodium Dental we understand that every second counts during your work day.  Having to use multiple software programs throughout the day with each of your patients takes time and our goal as dental technology integrators is to maximize your production by minimizing time spent dealing with technology.  One item that can significantly minimize time with patients is the bridge between your practice management software and your image management software.  The download link below will enable you to add a simple bridging button to your Practiceworks practice management software to quickly bridge to your Apteryx imaging software.  This allows seamless integration between practice management and image management minimizing mistakes and maximizing productive time spent with a patient.

During an installation we discovered by creating a button within Practiceworks we can directly link the patients information from Practiceworks into Apteryx. This method is a perfect tool for ensuring that the correct patient is being opened within Apteryx.

How-To Put a X-Ray Vision Button in Practiceworks

Step-by-step instructions-Practiceworks button