For a low monthly fee your dental x-ray sensor rental gets you:

  1. A fully functional, direct USB, digital x-ray sensor.
  2. Professional installation by Sodium Dental’s highly experienced technicians.
  3. Continual support for all of the sensors under your dental x-ray sensor rental program.
  4. Fast turnaround time if you ever have an issue.

Your Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Failure Replacement Approach.

  • With the Sodium Dental Sensor Rental Program you don’t have to worry about x-ray sensor failures or issues.  Our tech team is always on standby to troubleshoot your issues and if necessary we will ship you a replacement immediately.

Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Warranty Coverage For You.

  • If your x-ray sensor has an issue under the Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Program you will receive a replacement for your broken sensor right away at no cost to you. Just send us the broken x-ray sensor and we’ll ship you a replacement.

Your Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Length of Warranty.

  • With the Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor program you’re covered for as long as you are using our rental program.

Your Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Warranty Processing.

  • There is no processing time for warranty work with the Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor program. If you have an issue with your sensor, call us.  Our highly experienced technicians will provide some troubleshooting support and then, if necessary, we’ll get a replacement x-ray sensor out to you immediately.

Imaging Software Options for Your Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Use.

  • The sensor options offered with the Sodium Dental Rent-A-Sensor Program will work with most dental imaging software. Alternatively Sodium Dental offers a rental option for the best imaging software available, Apteryx XrayVision imaging software.

12 Month Minimum Contract When You Purchase You Will Be Provided a Sensor Rental Contract This Product Pays Your First Month Payment