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Wireless Intraoral Sensor | Superior Image Quality | Most Durable | True Comfort 

DC-Air by Freedom Technologies Group is the latest revolutionary digital sensor on the market. DC-Air™ combines direct-conversion and Bluetooth® technologies to provide entirely new levels of clarity, comfort, durability, and convenience.

DC stands for Direct-Conversion

The clearest image of any sensor

Only DC-Air™ has direct-conversion technology that grabs invisible x-ray energy and turns it directly into image data. This provides far greater detail and less noise in your images, and gives DC-Air™ additional advantages over any other sensor:

  • Removes sensor cables, scintillators, and fiber optic plates, the main failure points on digital x-ray sensors.
  • Allows for ultra-thin detector giving DC-Air™ one of the thinnest profiles of any sensor at just 5.2mm in thickness
  • Requires far less power consumption than traditional sensor technology, allowing for more consistent use and over 150 images on a single charge

The Complete Kit

Equip two rooms for the price of one.

The DC-Air™ Complete Kit gives you everything you need to provide the most comfortable and diagnostic imaging available, just add x-rays!

  • (1) DC-Air™ Wireless Intraoral X-Ray Sensor

  • (2) Docking Stations

  • (2) USB-C to USB-A Docking Station Connectors

  • (1) Complete holder set 

  • Unlimited PC installations

  • Two-year warranty on sensor and docking station with protection against accidental damage and loss/theft. 

Sensor Specifications

Detector Single Crystal Direct Conversion Silicon / CMOS

Pixel Physical Size 26μm

Exposure Parameters 0.05-0.50s, 60-70kV

Active Area 35.1mm x 24.7mm

Pixel resolution 12 bits

Number of Pixels1,249,920

MTF >70% @ 5lp/mm, >40% @ 10lp/mm

Sensor Mode of Operation Global Shutter

Triggering  Automatic on X-ray Start

Storage RAM 4 MB

Images in RAM 1 Image

Range up to 3m

Images per Charge Cycle 150+

Sensor Battery Type Lithium-Ion

Sensor Battery Capacity 19mAH

Top Features:

Crystal-Clear Image Quality

Unbeatable Patient Comfort

The Convenience of True Wireless

DC-Air is Built to Last