Boost Your DentistryIQ Featured Sodium Dental

To watch the full episode 55 now click here.  Sodium Dental was delighted to be featured on Boost Your DentistryIQ. It was an excellent opportunity to talk with Dr. Pam about who we are here at Sodium Dental. Shawn Hall, the co-founder of Sodium Dental, shares his perspective on how Sodium … [Read more...]

Sodium Dental was featured in Dental Products Report.

Sodium Dental is honored to have been featured in Dental Products Report. Talking about our exceptional sensor repair process. One of our amazing clients gave us an excellent review in providing a closer look into why working with us was such a hassle and stress-free process. We are so grateful to … [Read more...]

The Value Of Diagnostic Technology and ROI

Now more than ever, technology is continually changing and evolving. Dentists need to make the proper choices on which technologies to adopt. To get started first you need excellent support being able to contact experts who can answer your questions. They can help with any questions regarding … [Read more...]

How To Care For Your Newly Repaired X-ray Sensor

Excellent! You just received your repaired x-ray sensor in the mail! Now you're probably wondering how to get the most out of a newly repaired x-ray sensor and how to avoid damaging it again. Here is a shortlist of some “do’s and don’t’s” when it comes to how to care for your newly repaired x-ray … [Read more...]

The Misconceptions You Must Know About Digital Radiography

There are many questions, and concerns dentists have before going digital. What kind of technology do I need? What will be truly useful to have and what to go without in your practice? With so much new technology continually being released and heavily promoted, dentists have to make the right … [Read more...]

Crafting A Modern Practice: Why Are Digital X-Rays Important?

Digital X-Rays While dentists cannot treat what they cannot see, digital x-rays help with being able to view things clinically that our eyes cannot see. With the help of digital x-rays, they can help dentists gain more early diagnosis. Digital radiography is essential in playing a role in … [Read more...]

Digitally Enhance Your Practice

Digital X-Ray The world is going digital, and dentistry is no exception. Making sure you have the correct digital tools is essential to bring you improved diagnostics. To help streamline productivity and optimize workflow, we here at Sodium offer our guidance so we can help you get the correct … [Read more...]

Sodium Dental Now Offers: Runyes 3D Intraoral Scanner

Sodium Dental is happy to announce we will now be providing a 3D intraoral scanner by Runyes. A digital impression is a virtual scan that helps create a map of the teeth. With this scanner, dentists can immediately send the digital impression to a lab where restorations, crowns, dentures, and … [Read more...]

Purvigor KN95 Mask For Dental Offices

Purvigor Mask There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding of the KN95 mask situation. Sodium Dental wants to help shed light and give you a solution to provide a safe and effective KN95 mask that has been tested and approved by The National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory … [Read more...]

Benefits Of Sensor Repair

Dexis SensorsGendex Sensors Sodium Dental Sensor Repair: Gendex, Dexis and more. Many dental practices have become digital offices who love their technology, but what happens once it breaks? Frequently, the moment something either breaks or does not work anymore, we toss it and replace it. Oddly … [Read more...]

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