109th Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting

This past weekend, Sodium Dental just returned from attending the Hinman dental meeting on March 17-19 in Atlanta, GA. Our first time exhibiting at the Hinman Dental Meeting, our team had a great time. These meetings allow Sodium Dental to show attendees our intraoral cameras and digital x-ray sensors. That’s the main perk of the exhibit floor, getting the opportunity to use a product beforehand and asking questions before making a purchase decision for the practice. Our team is always happy to help demonstrate our intraoral cameras. Along with helping find you the best solutions for your practice needs.

As a leader in dental technology and digital x-ray sensor repair, we were super excited to showcase our latest product, the DC-Air wireless sensor. We have partnered with the Freedom Technology group to bring you this incredible Sensor. There were so many fantastic reactions to the DC-Air Sensor. Mostly towards the best feature of the DC-Air Sensor, it doesn’t have a wire!! This means no more damage/breakage to the USB cord that is attached to almost all sensors. Which is one of the main reasons why most sensors need to be repaired or replaced. Overall, it was a wonderful weekend in Atlanta, GA.

About The DC-Air Wireless Sensor

You might be wondering what does “DC- Air” even means “DC” stands for (direct- conversion). DC-Air uses homogenous silicon CMOS construction that is ultra-durable and provides superior image quality by converting x-ray directly to image data (direct-conversion). Traditional intraoral sensors are fragile because scintillator glass and fiber-optic plates turn x-rays into visible light and light into image data. DC-Air is the only sensor to use the latest Bluetooth technology. To have rapid and reliable image transmission while eliminating the main sensor pain point of the wire!

DC-Air Features:
  • – Wireless sensor that works all-day
  • – Superior positioning without no wire
  • – Only direct x-ray conversion sensor
  • – Thinnest most comfortable sensor
  • – Fast x-ray to screen

What A Wonderful Meeting

Thank you to all the excellent dentists and dental teams who came by our booth. We are glad to take a break from our office space to turn off the computer screens. We come to these meetings to get the opportunity to speak with the dental community in person. Sodium Dental enjoys exhibiting, so we can learn how we can best help you in your practice with any technical challenges. We got to share with many attendees how Sodium can help get them a sensor solution at a fraction of the price of buying new. All our conversations at these meetings help us learn your needs. Here at Sodium Dental, we hear your pain points and do our best to provide this industry with superior products, service, and support. From Sensor repair t0 digital diagnostic equipment for your practice. Sodium Dental, your full-service dental technology company!

We Look forward to seeing you at next year Hinman 2023!

Meeting Dates : March 16 – 18, 2023

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