Sodium Attends ODA Annual Session

Sodium Dental just got back from the ODA 2021 Annual Session in Columbus, Ohio. We had a great time connecting with attendees and getting to learn about their dental technology needs. It was nice to attend the live in-person meeting to meet new and familiar faces on the exhibit floor. Here at Sodium, we are ready to suggest and support software that is not only geared toward effective, efficient, and user-friendly interfaces but also ones that don’t limit you to single brands of sensors or devices. Sodium Dental has offices in York, Pennsylvania and, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and services dentists worldwide for sensor repair, digital x-ray technology manufacturing, digital imaging, installation, sales, training, and support.

ODA 2021 Annual Session Sep 29 Through Oct 1st

This was our second year back at the ODA Annual Session, and we were happy to share our advice and share our products and services with the dental community. We had our average number of questions about sensor repair, and we also had many questions about finding new digital x-ray equipment. The doctors we spoke to were surprised to hear about all the new sensor options we provide and our refurbished sensor show specials. Whether learning about our Aurora digital x-ray sensor or refurbished sensors, they were surprised that our price beat big-name competitors. We discussed what sensors would work best for their practice and what sensors would integrate into the systems they already have in place.

Furthermore, many doctors and hygienists came by to test our Dr’s Cam intraoral camera on display. We were able to show them a quick demo of how to use the intraoral camera right at our booth to explain the autofocus feature and see how great the image quality has clear HD images. Having hands-on experience and seeing an actual live image speaks for itself. Showing the camera’s image quality in real-time, attendees appreciate having a demo, and we are happy to provide one. Sodium Dental is about finding the right solution for every dental practice. We don’t aim to sell dental technology; we strive to sell the right dental technology to meet your practice needs.

Intelliscan 3D: Intraoral Scanner

Notably, the hot new dental technology is the 3D intraoral scanners. We wanted to be sure to provide a 3D intraoral scanner that brings value to your practice! Here at Sodium, we offer an INTELLISCAN 3D intraoral scanner, The Smartest AI Intraoral Scanner, the best all-around, open-source, most efficient, cost-effective intraoral scanner on the market! We had attendees stop to see the demo as our product educators showed how fast and efficient the INTELLISCAN 3D works. We love guiding dental practices in the right direction with their dental technology, and the Intelliscan 3D will not disappoint. If you want to learn more, do not hesitate to reach out. If you missed us at the show and want to know more, please reach out. We are happy to send you information and do a demo!

Thank you to everyone who came by and said hello at our booth.  We are glad we got the chance to help share our knowledge of dental technology with so many great dentists, hygienists, office staff, and students at the ODA 2021 Annual Session!

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