A: Time and Money

 Adopting the right amount of digital x-ray sensors into your practice will help you save time and money. Having one size two sensor with a full schedule of x-rays causes slow down. Many dental offices only use one size two and size one sensor, and unfortunately, when you run a busy practice, just having one size two sensor can become risky. You use your x-ray sensor every day in your practice, which makes your sensor and the cable very vulnerable to daily wear and tear. Be sure to always think ahead about how even being down a sensor for a few days may cost you thousands of dollars. Prepare for the unexpected, or when your current sensor stops working, it is wise to have a backup, so you do not have to stop and reschedule patients.

When you look at your x-ray schedule, do you and your team feel prepared? 

Means does your hygiene team. Members usually have to wait for a sensor to be available to use. In turn, it holds up workflow and a loss of productivity working with a patient. There is lost time if you’re running at least a 4-5 operatories practice and sharing one sensor between all operatories. When you’re constantly moving a sensor from one operatory in the office to another, the sensor’s risk of getting dropped is higher. Having two sensors in the dental office is just smart for you and your patients. Investing in a backup sensor will save you time and money. 

Set For Success – Get A Backup Sensor 

Overall, having a backup sensor is just smart for your dental practice. We don’t advise trying to get by with only one sensor in any dental practice. Make sure to have a system in place in case your dental sensor fails or breaks. Be prepared and have a backup on hand. It will pay for itself and give you and your team a piece of mind. A dental sensor has become an essential tool for a busy dental practice. Understanding the effects of not having suitable systems can be costly and come with surprises if you are not prepared. 

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