New X-ray Sensors

DC-Air Perfect Size Wireless Sensor. The first direct digital capture sensor. This sensor will easily integrate into your existing dental imaging software and provide you the highest level of x-ray diagnostics and the stress free life of being cable free.

The Aurora digital x-ray sensor is an excellent solution for the value focused dental practice. Excellent image quality and a very affordable price come together to make this a great choice for your dental practice. Why pay more if you don’t have to?

The Polaroid Ray sensor has excellent image quality, a very durable housing and comes in three sizes to fit the needs of your practice. Size 2, Size 1.5 and Size 1. This sensor has excellent integration with many imaging software options.

New X-ray Sensors

Using a high quality x-ray sensor is one step in achieving the best diagnostic image possible.  All of our new x-ray sensors have been evaluated in our lab to confirm quality of image, ease of functionality and compatibility for your practice.

Aurora Sensor New As Of 2018 – Size 1 & 2

DC-Air Perfect Size Wireless First Direct Digital Capture Sensor – Size 2

Polaroid Ray Sensor – Size 1, 1.5 and 2

Quickray – Sizes 1 & 2

Owandy Opteo – Sizes 1 & 2

Sota Clio – Sizes 1 & 2

Eva Select Sensors – Sizes 1 & 2