Does your team ever feel overwhelmed, distracted, and unorganized? If you and your team feel behind, it is now the time to begin implementing a time management system. To run a successful practice comes down to having set goals in place for task completion. Having good time management skills is a great way to help build a healthy work environment and happy team morale. Having proper time management skills will help you and your practice grow to have more efficiency in workflow, and productivity will skyrocket. Sodium Dental is a full service dental technology integration company with over 20 years of experience.  We know good training can help avoid problems and plays a major factor in how efficient and effective the office will be. Sodium is dedicated to increasing your productivity and patient experience through Staff training. Team understanding of the office producers is how to instill a successful running practice time management and training go hand and hand.  

Here are our three steps to implementing time management into your dental practice. 

Step #1 Have a Routine 

Have a morning routine with your team. Many offices have morning huddles that are super beneficial to jumpstart the day. Each day you can go over the goal list to keep the whole team on track! Make a list at the beginning of each month and write down your practice goals. Create the schedule based on your plans to fill in the task schedule. Having an organized schedule will help cut down on wasted time. Then work on prioritizing what order these tasks need to happen to help get them into proper order. Having set policies to help create team accountability and consistency is excellent for a more productive schedule. 

Use your practice management software to your advantage and begin color coding your schedule to see the areas in your schedule which are filled or open.

Step #2 Track Your Time – Training 

Understanding how long tasks take to complete is essential to how you can book your schedule. Tracking your time will help you and your team better understand how to optimize time when doing treatments. Ensuring everyone feels comfortable with the task at hand having the proper training to do the job correctly is essential to workflow. Also, when there is downtime, be sure to have another set of office tasks set in place to keep your office space clean and organized. 

Having proper training and understanding procedures will help save time when all team members understand their tasks. A well-trained team maximizes productivity, and team morale will boost having more confidence in the job position.

Step #3 Have Systems in place

Dental offices thrive and succeed when they have a system in place for efficient and effective communication. Having the proper plan in place for communication helps maintain your quality and standards of service! There are many great communication tools for planning workflow and messaging between operatory rooms.  Helping keep workflow on track and for tasks to be completed promptly. More goals can be met by having a plan in place. No one should feel overwhelmed or stressed by the end of the workday. Dentists can be proud and happy that the practice is growing and the team is happy! Setting up time management will overall help you achieve your goals. 

These are just a few steps on getting started implementing more efficient time management skills in your practice. 

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