On Monday, August 30, 2021, the Corydon Palmer Dental Society held its annual Golf Outing at the Tippecanoe Country Club. We want to thank the Golf Committee for putting on this event and being recognized on the course! Here at Sodium, we look forward to these events to connect with the dental community! It was a great way to start the week by taking a break away from the office and support a fantastic organization to participate in the annual golf outing.

In brief, Corydon Palmer provided a wonderful day for dentists to relax and enjoy golf, a wonderful lunch and dinner, and the company of friends and colleagues. Sodium Dental had the opportunity to speak with dentists and hand out our Sodium golf balls to introduce ourselves. To explain a bit about who we are here at Sodium Dental, we are committed to excellence in digital x-ray sensor manufacturing, dental technology, and digital x-ray sensor repair. These events allow us to meet new dentists, learn more about their technology needs, and be here for their insights on technology in dentistry! Also, this presents the opportunity for dentists to ask questions and engage us with their needs in dentistry.

Most importantly, our goal is to learn how we can find the right solution for every dental practice. We are a company that seeks to support numerous events, organizations, clubs.

Overall, thanks for letting Sodium Dental be a part of such a great event and getting to meet such a nice group of dentists.