Dentrix G4 - 10 Tips To A Successful Install / Upgrade

Dentrix G4 – 10 Tips To A Successful Install / Upgrade

These steps have been prepared to help minimize or eliminate any issues when installing DENTRIX G4. For a successful installation, follow the steps below exactly. Please read through all the steps before attempting to install DENTRIX G4.


Note: DENTRIX Image 3.0 and Image 3.1 will not work with DENTRIX G4. A more current version of Image must be installed before installing DENTRIX G4. Call 1-800-DENTRIX or send an email to with questions about DENTRIX Image 3.0 and Image 3.1 compatibility or for any other questions related to these installation tips.


1: Ensure system meets the overall system requirements

Ensure the system meets the overall system requirements for DENTRIX G4 before installing or upgrading. It is very important to review the system requirements for DENTRIX G4 and verify that each workstation meets all of the requirements prior to installing or upgrading the DENTRIX software. Some versions of the Microsoft® Windows® operating system are no longer supported with DENTRIX G4. The computer’s graphics card may need to be upgraded to take advantage of the new 3D modeling features in DENTRIX G4. DENTRIX G4requires more RAM (memory) than previous releases and may be time to upgrade the memory in the computer. Adequate processor speed and network configuration is important to help reduce or eliminate any latency/performance issues as they relate to DENTRIX G4. The amount of free memory on any computer can greatly impact the performance of the computer and also the performance of the overall DENTRIX system. Reducing or eliminating the number of unnecessary processes on a computer can significantly improve a computer’s performance. When the system requirements are closely scrutinized and adhered to, the potential for a successful installation/upgrade experience increases dramatically. Dentrix highly recommends the use of a Certified Integrator when installing or upgrading DENTRIX or for system requirement verification of your computers prior to installing DENTRIX G4.



If possible, a backup should be created for the entire server hard drive. For an upgrade, backup the server’s DENTRIX directory and all subdirectories, at a minimum. If any DENTRIX data is stored elsewhere on the system, backup that directory as well. Verify the integrity of all backups. Consult a Certified Integrator or contact the support organization for your backup software prior to upgrading to DENTIRIX G4. It is very important to be sure you have a valid, verified backup when you are upgrading from a previous version of DENTRIX. For worry-free data security, try eBackUp for DENTRIX. Call 1-800-DENTRIX for details.


3: Check available disk space

From the Start menu, click My Computer, single-click the C: drive icon and choose View | Details from the toolbar. You may also right-click on the C: drive icon and select Properties. The General tab will display the Used and Free Space. For a workstation install, the free space on disk should be over 2 GB. For a server install, the free space available on disk should be over 10 GB. Although the actual DENTRIX program requires approximately 1 GB of free hard disk space, it is recommended that at least 2 GB be free at all times for the Windows® operating system.

Note: Using DENTRIX Image and/or using the Document Center requires dedicating additional hard drive space (30-40 GB more than the 10 GB of free space needed for the G4 Server installation) to adequately provide storage for current and future patient images and documents. Evaluate the computer’s available disk space and plan appropriately.


4: Prepare for server and workstation install

1) Find the serial number. This number may be needed during the install.

2) If the install is an upgrade, check the Batch Processor for reports. Print the reports and clear the Batch Processor. Send all unused eClaims.

3) If the install is an upgrade, exit DENTRIX at each workstation before starting the server install. It is best to shut down each workstation.

4) The server installation must be completed before the workstations can be installed.


5: If the install is an upgrade, verify the correct version is currently installed

DENTRIX G2 or higher must be installed before the program can be upgraded to DENTRIX G4. To determine which version of DENTRIX is installed, open the Office Manager, choose Help | About Office Manager. If the version is older than DENTRIX G2, all product upgrades must be installed to bring the version to DENTRIX G2. Example: If DENTRIX 11.0 is currently installed, the upgrade to version G2 and the upgrade to version G3 must be installed before installing DENTRIX G4.


6: If the install is an upgrade, verify the file locations

If the installation is an upgrade, locate the DENTRIX files (program, database, and template files). The locations of these files must be confirmed during the installation process. Knowing where these files are located will help spot any inconsistencies if the installer inadvertently attempts to place them elsewhere. To view the file locations, open the Office Manager and click Maintenance | Practice Setup | Preferences.


7: IMPORTANT! Close all applications that are running

Look at Windows® System Tray (normally in the bottom right corner of the screen, near the system time) and close any programs that appear there, including the DENTRIX Quick Launch and the Practice Assistant task manager. After the applications have been closed, disable the Windows® screen saver. To disable the Windows® screen saver, choose Start | Control Panel | Display. Click on the Screen Saver tab and change the Screen Saver window to [None].


Note: After DENTRIX G4 has been installed, enable the screen saver by following the same steps and choosing a screen saver.


8: Verify the DENTRIX G4 CD configuration

Verify that the DENTRIX G4 Installation CD is the right CD for the office configuration (Single User, Multi-user, Office, Full Version, etc.).


9: Begin the Installation

Begin the installation by following the step-by-step instructions in the DENTRIX G4 Installation Guide.


Note: If DENTRIX is being installed over a network, refer to the DENTRIX G4 User’s Guide for instructions on installing from the server to the workstation.


10: Finish the installation completely

Do not interrupt the installation process, even if it looks as though nothing is happening. The installer will open a prompt when the installation is ready to continue. Terminating an installation prior to completion could affect the integrity of the database. Terminate the installation only if you are directed to do so by Dentrix Technical Support.


Need help? Involve a Certified Integrator or contact Dentrix by sending an e-mail to or by calling 1-800-821-8962


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