Real Cost Of Going Digital In Your Dental Office

Real Cost Of Going Digital X Ray and Paperless In Your Dental Office

Going Digital X Ray Can Be Less Expensive Than You Think

I have found that a lot of people would like a good idea of what it might cost to go digital in their dental office. Consider first that going digital is extremely cost variant depending on what company you decide to do it with. For instance all of these costs could double or triple with different vendors. These numbers are based on what we here at Sodium Dental quote for going digital.

These numbers are all based on having equipment from computers all the way to your digital x ray sensors with everything having a 5 year warranty. Having a 5 year warranty makes a computer a little more expensive but it means we can get next day part replacement through the dell service provider.

Going Digital Dental Office Costs:

  1. 5 Operatory Computer systems (Dell Optiplex with 22″ LCD Screens Fully networked and Installed) 5 Year Warranty – $1,632 Each ($8,160 Total)
  2. 2 FD Computers 20 ” ALL IN ONE systems with 5 Year Warranty (Fully networked and Installed) $1,538 Each ($3,076)
  3. 1 Server all with 22″ screen 5 year warranty, backup solution, at rest encryption for HIPAA and installation $3,800
  4. Network Color Laser, Printer, Scanner and Fax-  Dual Tray 5 Year Warranty (Installed)- $988
  5. Apteryx Xray Vision Image Management Software $3,005 (8 Licenses)
  6. Open Dental (100$ a month support contract Free to own)
  7. 2 Size #2 Quick Ray Digital X Ray Dental Sensors and 1 Size #1 Quick Ray Digital X Ray Sensor $14,000
  8. Full IT SUPPORT CONTRACT  300$ a month , Not a requirement

So your final cost would be $33,029 for going Digital.

This solution is fully installed and uses excellent systems. These are systems we install weekly in new offices and are happy to stand behind.

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    Real Cost Of Going Digital In Your Dental Office

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