Kodak Dental Sensor Repair for Kodak x-ray sensors and other dds repair!

Kodak Dental Sensor Repair

Kodak Dental Sensor Repair

Sodium Dental continues to improve our processes to provide YOU with the best Kodak dental x-ray sensor repair services available today.

Kodak Dental Sensor Repair RVG 6100

Kodak Dental Sensor Repair RVG 6100

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Our Kodak dental sensor repair process first started out when we had a customer we were providing computer and IT services for who had several failed and broken Kodak Dental Sensors. They asked us to please look at the sensors and see if there was anything we could do with the sensors. We have a computer engineer on staff and we consulted with an Electrical engineer who concluded that a Kodak dental sensor repair in many cases would be possible.

There were no available aftermarket components that we could purchase to do a Kodak dental sensor repair so we had to disassemble the sensor and analyze what components had failed and go about having custom components manufactured.

We established a process where we could first test the sensors, determine their problems and provide an estimate for repair. A Kodak dental sensor repair is safe for our customers because we have decided that we will only charge for repairs after the repair has been successfully completed and after we have thoroughly tested the sensor in house on our X Ray phantoms.

The process to get your Kodak Dental Sensor Repair completed is very simple. You go to our submission form page then you fill out the submission form which will provide you with instructions on shipping your sensor in.

There is no fee to send your sensor in to Sodium Dental for an estimate, we only ask that, in the case your Kodak x-ray sensor is not repairable, you cover the return shipping and handling back to you.  Or we can dispose of your sensor at no cost.

We greatly look forward to handling your Kodak dental sensor repair we have an excellent success rate and we are constantly refining and improving our process to insure that we are always doing the best job we can for our customers.

Below you can see some examples of the Kodak dental sensor repair after it is completed.


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