Broken Kodak Xray Sensor Repair No Image After Triggering

Broken Kodak Xray Sensor After Triggering the X-Rays, No Image Is Displayed

Broken Kodak Xray Sensor After Triggering The X-Rays, No Image is Displayed

This is a common issue that can occur with a broken Kodak xray sensor whether it be the 6100, 5100 or many other models. Digital X-Ray sensors rely on activation information to come from the sensors. The sensor tells the system that light has been received and begins the acquisition process. Sometimes this fails to happen which is when the timer may time out and return a blank image. Also, with a broken Kodak xray Sensor we sometimes see that the sensor appears to take a white image before the sensor is exposed to radiation.

Broken Kodak Xray Sensor

Kodak Dental Sensor

Get Your Broken Kodak Xray Sensor Repaired Today

These issues can be caused by the computer or software. Please try the following steps and if they do not work feel free to use our submission form to send in your Kodak dental sensor for a professional evaluation and repair.

  1. Make sure your Kodak xray sensor drivers are installed correctly.

The best way to go about this with a Kodak dental sensor is to download the latest drivers for your sensor from Carestream dental and to install them. You can go into your device manager to make sure that you see the sensor listed there. If you see a question mark in your device manager this may be an issue that is leading to your Kodak Dental sensor problem.  To download and install the latest and correct drivers for your broken Kodak xray sensor please visit Carestream’s website for the latest drivers

  1. Try a different USB port on your computer or make use of an externally powered USB hub.

An externally powered USB hub is a device that gets its power for the USB ports directly from your wall outlet or preferably from your battery backup that has some type of automatic voltage regulation to insure your device is getting pure 5volt DC power.

  1. Please make sure you are not using a USB extension with your sensor.

In this case a Kodak Dental sensor already has the longest suggested length for the device of cable. Many offices have a computer that is in an inconvenient location and use a simple Male A to Female A USB cable extension that they plug one end into the computer and one end into the Kodak Dental Sensor.

The issue with this is that the Sensor is that as a cable gets longer there is greater resistance which leads to a drop in voltage and an increase in amperage draw. Even if it appears to be working fine for you the Extension cable can be shortening the life of your sensor or damaging your USB port.

Get your broken Kodak xray sensor repaired today.

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