Dental Imaging Software

The first steps in achieving high quality diagnostic images comes from installing premium x-ray generators and digital x-ray sensors. The next step is to install the best dental imaging software on the market, Apteryx XrayVision.

Apteryx XrayVision has been the most comprehensive and versatile dental imaging software in the dental industry since 1995!  Their focus is producing the best dental imaging software which allows multiple brands of x-ray sensors and intra oral cameras to be used in XrayVision software.  One of the best features of XrayVision is its ease of use and its ability to integrate with your digital x-ray sensor, phosphor plate system, digital pano, and intra oral camera systems.

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  1. XrayVision Base Install. This is your main installation for XrayVision in your practice. This base install will be installed onto your server and then shared to your workstations.  Each base install comes with 1 user license which you can use on any computer on your network.  Need to access XrayVision from more than one computer? Check out the additional licenses below.


  2. XrayVision Additional Computer License.  Once you have the Base Install purchased and installed you’ll need a license for each computer that you would like to access XrayVision with.  Additional licenses come in different packages to allow custom quantities at discounted pricing.





  3. Patient Database Conversion.  Do you have a current patient images that you’d like to be imported into XrayVision for future reference?  Data conversion is super simple when you let Sodium Dental and Apteryx take care of the conversion for you.  Your scheduled database conversion can usually be completed remotely and within a days time. Call us for more info.


  4. Data Sync Between Multiple Offices.  Are you a multi office practice that would like to have your imaging data shared between offices?  The Apteryx XV Sync package will enable all of your offices running Apteryx XrayVision to sync patient data so you can view all of your patient images from any of your offices!