X-ray Sensor Calibration File Installation

This service is for the retrieval or installation of your dental x-ray sensors calibration file. *This service is not for x-ray sensor repair customers.  Sodium Dental provides calibration file retrieval as a FREE service for all x-ray sensor repair customers.

All digital x-ray sensors require a calibration file to work correctly.  Some dental x-ray sensors, like the Dexis Platinum or Gendex GXS 700, won’t work at all if you do not have a calibration file installed on each workstation.  If you do not know where your calibration file is on your computers or you have the calibration file and need assistance installing it on a new workstation then this service is for you.

This service only includes calibration file retrieval and/or installation on a single workstation.  If you have multiple workstations that need cal files installed on then please add the appropriate quantity of this product to your cart.  This service does not include any tech time for driver installation or software adjustments.  If you are not satisfied with the image quality of your sensor we are happy to tweak your imaging software for added tech time.